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Walking Dead's Most Infamous Villain Celebrated in The Quotable Negan

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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 9

In fact, the ironic "Still Gotta Mean Something" episode title wants us to focus on Rick's lies, how his word doesn't mean anything, and how he'll do anything to kill the people he's decided need to die. The current run has focused on the "All Out War" storyline, which places Negan and his Saviors front and center. She's also packing a bag.

Whether that means we will still get a time jump or meet the next big menace from the comic book in the Whisperers (and their enigmatic leader Alpha) before the season is over - the same way Negan was introduced in the season 6 finale - remains to be seen.

Jadis gives Negan a moment alone, which is all he needs to shimmy around to grab a flare and a gun.

Zombie of the week: Jadis' cart zombie. Lucille was indeed named for his wife, hence his irrational attachment to a piece of wood. "She got me through life", he admits. "The bat got me through this". Jadis, after saving her photos, waved a flare at the lingering aircraft and yelled, "I'm here!" At this point, I'm just holding on for dear life for the beginning of Season 9 when new showrunner Angela Kang takes over and there's a chance at a return to form for the series. It would have been perfectly suited for the helicopter that showed up. How did Jadis know they were coming? Jadis had a timer that went off when it arrived. Morgan goes insane after losing a child. I didn't know that I remembered them, but I do. Who's the soft-spoken guy mourning a loved one who regrets seeing so much death around him? Who's that? She was the only other Savior to make it out of Alexandria alive. For a moment, the audience can even see from his perspective and understand how he might believe himself to be the hero of his own story. When it is all over, Morgan, by way of explanation, says that "everybody turns". Or when it was revealed that his right hand man Simon ignored his orders and slaughtered the Scavengers.

Carol, meanwhile, also completes her mission, which was to find Henry.

Darabont's ouster ultimately led to the death of Dale in "The Walking Dead", the character from the first and second season played by Jeffrey DeMunn, who worked with Darabont several times before the zombie drama. Things may not be the same now that this walker plague has pretty much wiped out most of the population, but there are still brilliant minds out there because if Eugene is the last brilliant scientific mind on the planet then they really are up the creek. Jared screams in horror while a walker eats his face. Both Carol and Ezekiel tried to talk Morgan out of killing Gavin, and Carol would not go with Morgan to help him kill the escaped Saviors. Separately, Rick decides to go hunt the escapees when he finds that sitting and playing with Judith is driving him insane.

Everything winds down with two homecomings. If Negan found her on the side of the road, it's not just Simon who will be in Negan's crosshairs. Indeed. The only value to it was the parallel between Negan's treatment of Jadis and Rick's treatment of the Saviors. But Morgan overpowered him.

"You told me about the walks we'd take when I was three". It is unclear if the villain is already aware that Dwight has been helping the other survivors or that he is aware of Simon's plans to take over leadership of the Saviors. "Kill me. I don't want to do this anymore.' It was an vast relief to me", he explained.

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