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Should the Second Amendment be repealed?

30 Marcha 2018, 02:56 | Crisanna Felipe

Ex-Justice Stevens's Call to Repeal the Second Amendment

Former Supreme Court Justice Says We Should Repeal Second Amendment

The ninth, often considered the crucial swing vote, is Anthony Kennedy, who was nominated by Republican President Ronald Reagan. "Many [NRA members] understand and support our fight for responsible gun ownership, despite the organization preventing common-sense gun laws from being instituted in the name of protecting the Second Amendment", González wrote. And they have upheld the vast majority of reasonable gun laws.

"So we may not need either a different Supreme Court or a constitutional amendment to achieve most of what reformers are seeking; we just need folks to realize that the principal objections to many of these proposals are political, not constitutional", Vladeck said.

Trump's statement also came in the wake of the national "March For Our Lives" student-led demonstration calling for more gun control in the United States, as well as a trending hashtag on Twitter yesterday that said "Repeal the Second Amendment".

"That's a very hard challenge in the best of times; it's even more hard in the current times", Turley said, noting that there is still a high level of support for Second Amendment rights across the country.

This Op-Ed article is precisely why more people don't support gun control.

"The Second Amendment is not a barrier to enacting good gun laws", he wrote. The Second Amendment is based on the distinctive, and now anachronistic, concept of a militia as an alternative to a standing army.

A former U.S. Supreme Court justice says it's time to get real and live in the 21st century, not the 1700s.

Set aside, for the moment, the fact that amendments to the Constitution require ratification by the legislatures of at least three-quarters of the 50 states, many of which boast storied traditions of conservative-leaning governance and would never dream of signing off on this. It could even open a constitutional Pandora's box, buttressing efforts that have been brewing on the right to call a new constitutional convention. No matter how law-abiding and well-trained the New Yorker, the Second Amendment doesnt apply in the Empire State. A movement to repeal the Second Amendment would only compound these sentiments. And remember in its 223-year lifespan, the Constitution has been amended only 27 times. It was ratified in 1992, although it was originally proposed in 1789.

That changed in 2008, when the Supreme Court ruled in the case of District of Columbia v. Heller that there is an individual right to bear arms.

Chris Cox, executive director of the lobbying arm for the National Rifle Association, the leading proponent of gun rights, called the idea of repealing the Second Amendment "radical".

In 2014 the former High Court justice, an unapologetic proponent of the theology of a "living Constitution" that can be changed at will by elites such as himself, penned the telling book Six Amendments: How and Why We Should Change the Constitution. The White House has said Trump plans to meet Kim by May amid nuclear tensions between the two nations.

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