Abril 22, 2018

Russian mall fire kills 64

30 Marcha 2018, 02:59 | Crisanna Felipe

Five People Dead as Shopping Mall Catches Fire in Russia- Source Sputnik

Fire in a shopping center in Russia's city of Kemerovo

Russia's National Crisis Management Center said many children remain unaccounted for. In the morning, the caskets bearing the remains of two children and one adult were brought to a cemetery following services at Holy Trinity Church, the TASS news agency reported.

Opposition leader Alexei Navalny was among several thousand mourners who came to leave flowers on a Moscow square on Tuesday evening. However, there are widespread suspicions in Kemerovo that the authorities are covering up the full extent of the tragedy and the real death toll is much higher. One message read: "Children, forgive us".

"Who is really responsible?", "What is the real number of victims?" and "Pawns will be jailed, kings will get away with it" were some of the slogans on placards held by protesters.

President Vladimir Putin has said "criminal negligence" was to blame for the inferno which left a total of 64 people dead after being trapped inside due to locked doors.

It said a criminal investigation into the cause of the fire had begun, although reports suggested that it could have been started by a child misusing a cigarette lighter or malfunctioning electrical wires.

Today, Putin met with the head of the Russian Investigation Committee, Alexander Bastrikin, with whom he commented on the spreading of fake news about the incident from overseas. "They died because of irresponsibility of management", one local resident, Svetlana Shestakova, said.

According to President Vladimir Putin's decree, Russian Federation observed a day of national mourning on March 28. 'There was no fire alarm, no automatic fire extinguishing. Security guards could have triggered another alarm but the guard tasked with doing so did not, Bastrykhin told Putin. Among those detained include "the tenant of the premises where the epicenter of the fire allegedly was", Petrenko said.

An aerial view taken with a drone on shows the Winter Cherry shopping mall after it was gutted by a fire in the industrial city of Kemerovo in western Siberia. The children's grandmother, Nadezhda Agarkova, was also killed. Parents of missing youngsters have been posting pictures in an attempt to find them.

Other videos showed people jumping from windows to escape the flames and smoke. He said he was ready to resign if the people wanted that.

The Investigative Committee said in a statement on Monday that it is searching for a security officer who is suspected of turning off the PA system after he received a call about the blaze. She had saved her daughter from the burning cinema but died after going back in to save others, pupils said.

Before the call ended, Vika reportedly added: "Auntie, tell all my family I love them, tell mum that I loved her".

Shopper Ivan told the Siberian Times he had been at an indoor ice rink with his children.

"Today, on the day of the Kemerovo tragedy, we have seen that Washington is emotionally deaf, indifferent, and heartless, " he said.

"'There was no fire alarm, no automatic fire extinguishing".

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