Abril 22, 2018

Protests gain vigour as students in large numbers pour in

29 Marcha 2018, 09:45 | Crisanna Felipe

La Crosse students speak out at March for Our Lives demonstration

Protests gain vigour as students in large numbers pour in

It took the Women's March's homogeneity and tilted it towards intersectionality.

Today, I marched alongside hundreds of thousands of passionate individuals. Beyond the marches, he wants to see young people take action, including registering to vote. "We're just students, but we try and help whenever we can". As always, I restrained myself from a natural tendency to conflate the sins of these students parents onto their present movement.

"Its student driven and it's incredible and the speeches were powerful and they are committed and angry, because adults have failed them".

Demonstrators hold up signs during a rally in downtown Orlando, Florida, as part of the nationwide protest against gun violence across the US on Saturday.

"It's easy to forget about the state of the world and how much we could actually do to change it", Doumbia said. We came away very proud of these kids, and also proud of our nation, which is making a shift to end this senseless killing in our schools and neighborhoods. Here is one statement taken from NRA-TV's Grant Stinchfield: "The Women's March, a major force behind the anti-gun March for Our Lives, is led by radicals who threaten to blow up the White House, sexually smear the First Daughter, honor cop killers, advocate for jihad, Sharia and female genital mutilation and adhere to the violent, threatening rhetoric of the anti-Semitic Louis Farrakhan". Approximately 800,000 people clogged the streets of Washington, D.C., listening to the stories of survivors, singing in unison and calling for action from lawmakers - and it didn't do a damn thing.

As children and adults arrived in Washington this morning, they streamed out of the front doors of the Union Station train station with homemade signs, some calling on Congress to pass stricter gun control laws, others criticizing the NRA, an organization they believe has too much control over the US government.

Millions of people of all ages marched in the United States, and we saw a microcosmic example of the combined energy here on the Central Coast. But it is plausible that the discourse on gun violence in the USA is now at a crossroads.

"Bodies drop every day around here".

In this sea of people, I stood not only in the strength of my brothers and sisters, but I was given more hope and inspiration than I could have ever possibly asked for. My entire time in school, we have had drills for armed intruders on campus. This is unacceptable. If this attitude continues, Americans will allow this pervasive racism to prosper alongside gun violence.

Rosenberg said Monday the protest would hopefully spark a debate locally and statewide on adequate gun control. Sensible gun control. When do they want it? Now. These voices shouting from every platform, every screen, every city, and every school, they are the voices that are going to create the change this country must experience. "I left feeling optimistic that I have passed the baton to the next generation and they are going to take it and run with it". The collective anger against the political inaction against gun violence must be made to reflect in polls.

A ban on assault weapons, they said, should be the first step.

"I can't believe that kids have to deal with fears everywhere they go", said Lake Winola resident Gail Houser. "That's when we can start regulating gun control. So while my husband stayed behind with our children, I got on a bus with no one I knew to demand my voice be heard for the sake of my children and all children", Singletary said. Staff from the City Clerk's office will assist students in our school, 16 years old and above, in registering to vote. Learn their stances on the issues.

"Politicians: Either represent the people or get out".

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