Abril 22, 2018

Facebook announces ban on third-party data for ad targeting

29 Marcha 2018, 11:51 | Crisanna Felipe

Facebook allows you to see what data its collected about you

It's easy to hate Facebook, but it's much tougher to quit

The political intelligence firm was Cambridge Analytica and it had received information from up to 50 million Facebook profiles using a personality quiz application from a researcher from Global Science Research company.

Facebook has been receiving criticism for not making their privacy settings clear, and allowing user data to be accessed and given to third party sources like Cambridge Analytica.

They informed that more additional measures would be adopted in the coming weeks for letting people have more authority over their privacy.

Jim Mellon, the billionaire British investor, has predicted that Facebook faces "decimation" over the Cambridge Analytica data disaster.

Mark Zuckerberg will testify before the court and has also delayed in launching of a new home speaker and also the social media stocks tumbled to an all time low since the issue of privacy concerns has come up.

On March 17, the Cambridge Analytica scandal revealed Facebook's negligence when it comes to protecting user data. It requires companies to give people a "right to portability"? to take their data with them - and lawmakers in the United States and Britain are still clamouring for Zuckerberg himself to explain how users' data ended up in the hands of Cambridge Analytica.

Manage who sees your posts and profile information: You own what you share on Facebook, and you can manage things like who sees your posts and the information you choose to include on your profile.

The housing groups say Menlo Park, California-based Facebook has abused its power as the biggest advertising agency in the world.

In times ahead, Facebook will affirm its transparency of data policies with a release of an updated term of use in an easy to understand language and offers detailed information.

The social networking giant takes this action after a consumer and regulatory fallout over the misuse of information.

There is a new Facebook page - called Access Your Information - where users can see what they have shared and manage it.

In addition to redesigning its settings menu on mobile devices, Facebook said it is creating a new privacy shortcut menu where users would be able to better secure their accounts and control personal information. Facebook has more than 1.23 billion users.

From September 30, advertisers won't have access to this data to support their campaigns. The news of Facebook's mishandling of user data, however, was apparently the final straw.

They were supposed to announce the line at their developer conference in May but given the current public reckoning about their privacy and data gathering policies and practices, they have made a decision to not push through with the announcement yet. Speaking at Recode's Code Media Conference, Brown suggested, "If anyone feels that this isn't the right platform for them, then they should not be on Facebook".

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