Abril 22, 2018

Despite The March, The Gun Debate Isn't Settled Among Young People

29 Marcha 2018, 10:28 | Dolorita Barahona

Which Lives March for Our Lives Is Missing

Teens may push past roadblocks to gun laws — if they persist and vote

Even though some people have questioned why the media has highlighted these particular student advocates and this movement over the advocacy of movements like Black Lives Matter - which has been fighting gun violence for a long time - it was comforting to see that this problem was acknowledged and their voices were heard.

But as the push for gun reform gains steam in South Florida after the Parkland shooting, some longtime African-American activists have a message for those just getting involved: "We've been talking about this". It is tragic that after all the mass shootings our country has experienced and all the lives lost due to gun violence, adults have failed so dearly.

Local students say they're in the process of planning another school walkout before the year is over.

Bolduc said he actually didn't have strong political views until 2015, when he said he "started to see how people are misinformed". "And us kids seem to be the only ones who notice and are prepared to call BS".

"This kid was flagged", Kashuv said of shooter Nikolas Cruz and reports to law enforcement before the shooting that he was a threat.

Bishop said that Parkland was the one town where she would never be harmed, but not any more.

If we cannot come to a compromise over how to end the senseless killings in our schools and on our streets, we can at least begin to understand the other side's perspective.

Sacred Heart Academy students Sarah Conway Sony Schell and Daniella Fadjoh voice their support during the March for Our Lives march and rally in Phila
Photos: New Yorkers Demand Gun Control at Massive 'March For Our Lives'

Despite the fact that President Donald Trump fled the White House for the protest, his administration has introduced a new legislation that could outlaw "bump stocks", a device that helps rifles fire like automatic weapons. "We are from the hood, the ghetto, this is every day for us".

In the 19 years since the mass shooting at Columbine High School in Colorado, our political leaders have been unable or unwilling to pass and implement laws to prevent mass shootings. "We are going to take our own people into our hands and we are going to make a difference". "Because this - this is not cutting it". They also want a four-day waiting period for all gun purchases, background checks on all gun sales, and the legal age to buy a gun raised to 21. And that's thanks to the movement of young people calling for gun control, often and publicly. Kelly said she hoped the momentum of the movement would result in more young people registering to vote and casting ballots in fall elections. "I strongly support not only the Second Amendment but an individual's inherent right to effective self-defense through gun ownership", Liberty University student Tanner Ray said.

"I want you to do what I did in 2014 when I couldn't take knowing that teachers and students were murdered in their school, and I still had done nothing", Lebrun said.

"If no one else is taking action it's on the youth because we are the future so we have to do something about it", Logan High School Junior Gabby Geszvain elaborates.

Kasky began speaking with national news outlets and joined the group of students leading the public response to the shooting. A teen gunman shot and killed 17 people in a six-minute rampage.

Chavez said the kind of gun violence that took her brother's life was so "normal" in her neighborhood that she "learned to duck from bullets before I learned how to read". "I don't believe in bulletproof backpacks", said Chalis Montgomery, Democratic candidate for U.S. Congressional District 10. And many people, not all residents, came to the rally.

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