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Zuckerberg Gets Another Call to Testify to Congress

24 Marcha 2018, 07:07 | Dolorita Barahona

Zuckerberg Gets Another Call to Testify to Congress

Zuckerberg Gets Another Call to Testify to Congress

It is first such a step taken by the government due to the data breach which has triggered a political debate in the country. Zuckerberg added by mentioning the AI tools that had been deployed to identify and remove fake accounts that tried manipulating news and thus influencing the elections.

The reference to Indian elections came after India had warned Facebook of "stringent" action for having allowed data theft. The information was reportedly given to the company, Cambridge Analytica, by a researcher at Cambridge University named Alexksandr Kogan.

Fury has also been directed at Cambridge Analytica in Europe.

It's far from certain what action, if any, the Republican-led Congress and the Trump administration might take against Facebook, but the company will nearly certainly oppose any efforts to regulate it or the technology business sector more broadly.

Another tip, don't click away on those surveys or personality tests by doing that you are also giving up personal information to data mining companies.

Meet the whistleblower blowing the lid off Facebook & Cambridge Analytica.

"This includes building a way for people to know if their data might have been accessed via "thisisyourdigitallife".

On Thursday, Facebook executives were still saying sorry.

Zuckerberg Gets Another Call to Testify to Congress
Zuckerberg Gets Another Call to Testify to Congress

Part of the response is going to be an audit of all apps that had access to large amounts of data prior to the 2014 changes, and any developer that does not agree to the audit will be banned.

Zuckerberg acknowledges that there is more the company needs to do.

Meanwhile, advertisers Mozilla and Commerzbank suspended ads on the service and the hashtag #DeleteFacebook remained popular online, although it was hard to tell how many users are abandoning Facebook.

And state attorneys general in Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey have also opened investigations into the case.

They sell the data to the political parties so that they can make their campaign strategies according to the person's wants and desire. Following the controversy, WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton has asked his Twitter followers to delete Facebook.

McNamee was an early investor in Facebook, and still owns stock in the company. Facebook has exhausted many people's patience.

In the USA, attorney generals from MA and CT have launched investigations into how the Facebook data was handled. Reuters news agency says the company has lost more than $50 billion in market value since last Friday. Ashley Thompson was the editor. What happened to the troves and troves of data they gathered after they shut down their quiz app, Farmville knockoff or whatever is anyone's guess, but you can bet it's still out there somewhere.

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