Febrero 24, 2018

NASA is keeping tabs on Elon Musk's Tesla roadster

12 Febrero 2018, 08:52 | Benedicto Grullon

Will Elon Musk's Cherry Red Tesla Roadster Orbit For A Billion Years? (Falcon Heavy Test Launch)


"The problem now is that it's kind of difficult to predict how the orbit will evolve", said Marco Langbroek, a space expert who tracks asteroids. They jumped by $168m in the quarter, which is a good thing and reflects, at least in part, the addition of deposits for Tesla's new semi and updated Roadster.

"2018 will be a transformative year for Tesla, with a high level of operational scaling", CEO Elon Musk said in a press release. But with a projected price tag for the SLS of up to $1 billion per launch, the chronically cash-pinched space agency, its congressional overseers and the National Space Council - the policy body reconvened by President Trump and chaired by Vice President Pence - will need to take a hard look at whether to keep sinking billions of taxpayer dollars into the rocket. The markets and accountants might not know that the two companies are one. I was just a tyke when Apollo 11 landed on the moon, so I don't remember watching that historic event on television.

Regardless of intention, the Roadster has inspired millions of people to look up.

SpaceX representative John Young, a former undersecretary of defense for acquisition, told me that such systems can help quickly and relatively cheaply restore destroyed or disabled satellites. All that costs money, which Tesla is burning through at a fast clip.

It was recently revealed that despite his vast wealth, there was something that the Tesla founder couldn't buy: a soulmate. They are now in orbit around the Sun, and will be for the next billion years, or so.

The company has pioneered new reusable rocket technology, wowing the world, as on Tuesday, with the sight of pencil-like rockets gracefully descending to land with pinpoint accuracy, on land and at sea. After livestreaming views from StarMan's vantage point in Earth orbit (see video above), SpaceX reignited the upper stage's engine one last time, giving the Tesla a push beyond Earth's orbit. Trump has removed burdensome and counter-productive regulations that previously stifled the animal spirits of free enterprise.

By the late century, he said, he imagines humans will have already colonized other planets in the solar system - and Musk's "descendants will be able to drag [the roadster] back to a museum".

As of Thursday, the service members name and the circumstances surrounding the death had yet to be released and the incident is under investigation.

Musk admitted that he'd "missed the mark on that front", regarding the original autonomous drive demonstration, but he qualified that Tesla "could've done the coast-to-coast drive [last year] but that the company "would've had to do too much custom code, effectively gaming it". Knowledge acquired from space exploration has also introduced new perspectives on our individual and collective place in the Universe".

The other advantage for Elon Musk's success is a global inspiration to other technological risk takers. They are both quite functional, but you would have to admit that endeavoring to build a skyscraper is a bit more aspirational. It must recognize that companies like SpaceX are out-competing government rocket programs. It is just about the coolest thing you'll see today. Leave the rest up to them.

However, current reports suggest that the rocket may have overshot its trajectory, meaning the vehicle will head towards the. The scattering of tiny fragments of an electric vehicle is pollution at the minimum - and a safety hazard for future missions at worst.

His madcap ideas to save humanity from itself have even earned him the honour of a parody Twitter account, "Bored Elon Musk".

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