Febrero 24, 2018

Cyberattack behind internet shutdown during Games opening gala

12 Febrero 2018, 06:38 | Benedicto Grullon

Cyberattack behind internet shutdown during Games opening gala

Cyberattack behind internet shutdown during Games opening gala

Pence was scheduled to leave for the United States on Saturday night.

It was reported yesterday that the organizers of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics 2018 were looking into a possible cyberattack that was executed during the opening ceremony on Friday.

Taekwondo athletes from North and South Korea produced a stunning demonstration in Gangwon as sporting diplomacy took center stage alongside kicking, screaming and flying planks of wood on Saturday. Since Sunday's qualification runs were cancelled due to strong winds at Phoenix Snow Park, the finals on Monday will be a two-run format with all 27 athletes competing.

Within the administration, advocates for a tougher "contain and deter" strategy, as Terry calls it, are now putting together a series of options for the White House: they include a much more comprehensive package of sanctions, more aggressive interdiction of container ships carrying everything from amphetamines to missile parts that the North sells abroad for hard currency, as well as an aggressively ramped up system of missile defense in the United States, Japan and South Korea.

"Basically a usual Friday, the regular lunch crowd" says Rhiannon Williams, general manager at The Iron Duke on Wellington.

Meanwhile the cheerleaders continued to chant long after the rest of the arena had emptied. That's a missed opportunity, and just as North and South Korean ties are thawing.

"We're not focused on the politics", said Sarah Murray, the 29-year-old coach of the Korean team, who is a dual citizen of the United States and Canada.

Moon knows the risks. But it will always be Pyeongchang's first.

It was supposed to be the first race of the 11-event Alpine program, and had been scheduled for Sunday.

It's difficult to find an exact historical comparison to Moon's situation outside of Korea. "We are not going to reveal the source". For the IOC, successful cyberattacks could have severe consequences and bring harm to attendants, participants and sponsors to the Olympics.

Moon was raised in poverty in Busan by North Korean parents who'd fled during the war.

Pence and the North Koreans have been an awkward presence at the Games to say the least.

His boss was Roh Moo-hyun. In modern times, it is often looked upon with contempt when world leaders use sports to make superficial attempts to shape agendas. Swiss forward Allina Muller completed a hat trick in the first period and scored the game's first four goals. Looking for breaking news, videos, Olympic and Paralympic team bios all at your fingertips?

A decade of conservative rule, beginning in 2008, overturned the policy. As it does, it might consider a question: Looking at the players, without checking the roster, can you actually tell North from South?

"This particular malware has not been seen before, and it is something custom that was created by the attacker", Sherstobitoff told ZDNet at the time. Many think he'll take a cautious approach if a summit comes off, given the nuclear threat.

In that regard, Kim Jong Un has scored a victory this week. Her picture, often with a bemused half-smile, has been splashed across newspapers.

And so, with a little help from a liberal South Korean president eager to engage Pyongyang, the 2018 Pyeongchang Games open. NBC Sports Digital's full-day streaming total of 64.2 million live stream minutes exceeded the total of 16 of the 17 competition days in Sochi.

"Yeah, I didn't hear any of it", she said, laughing.

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