Febrero 24, 2018

US Government shuts down for second time in 2018

10 Febrero 2018, 08:59 | Crisanna Felipe

Paul goes 'rogue'; budget finally passes

Budget finally OK, Congress heads into big immigration fight

Federal financing for United States government agencies ceased at midnight after Congress failed to pass a bipartisan budget deal that would have prevented this year's second shutdown from happening.

Rand Paul holding the Senate floor in protest late into the night, delayed a vote on a bipartisan budget deal until early this morning because of its spending increases and the billions of dollars it would add to the federal deficit.

Hours earlier in the pre-dawn darkness, the funding bill passed the Senate, but not before Senator Rand Paul, a conservative in Trump's own Republican Party, blocked a vote on the deal because he argued it was too costly.

The short shutdown on Friday morning was the second shutdown that has occurred during President Donald Trump's presidency.

The measure increases military and non-defense spending by $300 billion dollars, extends funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program for 10 years, includes $20 billion for infrastructure programs and adds nearly $90 billion in disaster funds.

The bill was approved by a wide margin in the Senate and it survived a rebellion of 67 conservative Republicans in the House of Representatives, thanks to the support of some Democrats.

The bill includes huge spending increases sought by Republicans for the Pentagon along with a big boost demanded by Democrats for domestic agencies.

A single Republican senator late Thursday held up a bipartisan bill to keep the US government open hours before federal funds expired.

The bill also provides $90 billion for disaster relief following the extreme hurricanes and wildfires this past year.

McConnell had to wait until 1 a.m for his vote to pass the bill, about an hour after government funding had lapsed.

If the Senate approves it, the bill will next move to the House, where a vote was planned and passage was expected but not assured amid resistance in both parties. "I want people to feel uncomfortable". The accord would raise strict spending caps on domestic and military spending in this fiscal year and the next one by about $300 billion in total.

"I think we will", Ryan told radio host Hugh Hewitt.

Paul, a Kentucky Republican, said the overall budget bill that includes the stopgap measure would "loot the Treasury".

Obama-era guarantees for those immigrants were cancelled by US President Donald Trump and are set to become invalid next month.

Paul's actions in the hours leading up to the federal government officially running out of funding drew bipartisan condemnation.

While the Senate will start a wide open debate on immigration next Monday, it's not clear when the House will work on DACA and the Dreamers, as Democrats repeatedly voiced their frustration.

The deal extends the US government's borrowing authority until March 2019, sparing Washington politicians hard votes on spending and debts before mid-term congressional elections in November.

"This bill increases spending 21 percent".

Just last month the government was shutdown for three days while the Senate disputed over the fate of undocumented immigrants who were brought to the country as children and grew up as Americans.

But the deficit spending in the bill will add more red ink to Washington's balance sheet and further underscore a shift in Republican thinking that Paul was trying to draw attention to.

Mr Trump said in September that he would end by March 5 former Democratic president Barack Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) programme, that protects the Dreamers from deportation.

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