Febrero 19, 2018

Uber settles Waymo driverless auto suit, said to pay $245 million

09 Febrero 2018, 11:34 | Dolorita Barahona

Before lawsuit, Uber fell out with 'big brother' Google, Kalanick testifies

Ex-Uber CEO weaves tale of Google betrayal in legal battle

And after his move to Uber, the company caught heat for testing cars without permits in California, again contravening the very rules that Levandowski had a hand in crafting.

If Uber's LiDAR never had any Waymo trade secrets, the company should be able to proceed as planned with its various self driving auto tests.

Uber has said while Levandowski downloaded the files, the data never made their way into its own self-driving vehicle designs.

Former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick took the stand Tuesday in a California federal jury trial over allegations his company stole self-driving vehicle trade secrets from Alphabet unit Waymo, testifying that leadership in driverless auto technology is an "existential" challenge for the ride-hailing company he co-founded.

A possibility remains that Uber could face further trouble over the Waymo matter, as Alsup in May referred the case to federal prosecutors to see if criminal charges were warranted.

Kalanick recalled that Uber only had a few hundred employees in the summer of 2013 when Google was negotiating to make a major investment in the ride-hailing service.

The dissolution of Uber's relationship with Google demonstrates the finicky nature of the ties that bind - or break - tech conglomerates and promising startups.

Waymo accused Uber of using at least one Waymo trade secret in its self-driving cars.

After a Waymo lawyer finished grilling him, Kalanick turned to a more emotional tale under friendly questioning from an Uber attorney, casting himself as a "little brother" betrayed by an older and more powerful sibling.

"Had the trial proceeded to its conclusion, it is clear Uber would have prevailed", Kalanick said. Verhoeven said. "Correct", Friedberg said.

Kalanick, who is known for pushing boundaries in business, kept his answers short and his demeanor neutral as he testified on Tuesday in a high-profile court fight between Waymo and his former employer over intellectual property. The first was the scope of the due diligence that Uber conducted during its negotiations with Otto. Testimony has shown that Uber and Stroz engaged in a frenzied on-again, off-again examination of Levandowski before the deal was approved.

Levandowski is not a defendant in the case over theft of trade secrets, but his actions - and those of Uber execs who are alleged to have allowed or encouraged them - will be under the microscope in the coming weeks. It wasn't until after April 11 that his firm performed a forensic analysis of Levandowski's laptop and made other 'substantial findings, ' he testified.

"The only thing that's not OK is trade secrets", he said.

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi [pictured above] said in a printed statement that the company doesn't believe trade secrets made their way from Waymo to Uber.

Basically, GRR is a piece of software that's installed on corporate-issued devices like Levandowski's laptop. At least some of the devices weren't examined because Levandowski didn't turn them over, she said. Waymo believes engineer Anthony Levandowski stole 14,000 files while he was an employee, and took them to his autonomous-driving startup, Otto, which was bought by Uber in 2016.

"I wanted to hire Anthony and he wanted to start a company, so I tried to come up with a situation where he could feel like he started a company and I could feel like I hired him", Kalanick said, choosing his words carefully between long sips of water.

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