Febrero 19, 2018

SpaceX's Falcon Heavy Rocket

09 Febrero 2018, 09:04 | Dolorita Barahona

Space X's most powerful Falcon rocket to launch soon

A Falcon 9 SpaceX heavy rocket stands ready for launch on pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral Florida before it launched into space Tuesday. The Falcon Heavy scheduled to launch Tuesday afternoon has three first-stage boosters strapp

A private company successfully launched the world's largest and most powerful rocket into space from the Kennedy Space Center on Tuesday.

Russia's state-owned space corporation Roscosmos has brushed off the significance Elon Musk's successful launch of a reusable rocket toward Mars carrying a red Tesla. The test flight exceeded expectations with a almost flawless launch.

He acknowledged that the cargo taken into space by the Falcon Heavy on its maiden mission was "kinda silly and fun", but added that "silly and fun things are important". "I really didn't think this would work". Yesterday's failed attempted drone ship landing was far more hard.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, we've received many questions about the recent SpaceX launch, and the resultant "live stream" of... "It can do anything you want".

And as you can see, those two boosters came back.

The Falcon Heavy is created to lift more payload to orbit than any American booster since NASA's Saturn V, the rocket that took astronauts to the moon during the agency's Apollo program.

"If we can send a Roadster to the asteroid belt, we can probably solve Model 3 production", he said during the call, referring to the 2008 Tesla Roadster that was included as the rocket's payload.

"The great thing about Falcon heavy is that it opens up a new class of payload", Musk told The Verge.

SpaceX started with Falcon 9, it then stuck three Falcon 9s together to make Falcon Heavy and finally there's the BFR.

"I mean, it's a risky trip, you want to look good", Musk said.

"Space races are exciting", the billionaire entrepreneur, inventor, and real-life Tony Stark said on Tuesday.

We might also see some testing on the Big Falcon Rocket, a new and enormous rocket that's created to replace the Falcon 9s and Falcon Heavys. The company points out that the "Falcon Heavy is the most powerful operational rocket in the world by a factor of two, with the ability to lift into orbit almost 64 metric tons (141,000 lb)-a mass greater than a 737 jetliner loaded with passengers, crew, luggage and fuel".

The United States hasn't had a spacecraft capable of sending humans to orbit since NASA's Space Shuttle program retired in 2011. Musk has plenty of experience with rocket accidents, from his original Falcon 1 test flights to his follow-up Falcon 9s, one of which exploded on a nearby pad during a 2016 ignition test. A second flight is expected later this year.

This rocket would lift into orbit almost 64 metric tons (141,000 lb).

"I'm guessing our total investment is over half a billion", Musk said.

Now that SpaceX has sent a vehicle cruising into deep space, you might be wondering: What's next?

Several facts were shared by SpaceX since yesterday on the launching of this rocket.

The inter-galactic roadster was supposed to reach the orbit of Mars, however it has overshot and is now expected to reach a distance of 160 million miles from the Sun, The Verge reported.

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