Febrero 21, 2018

SpaceX successfully launches the most powerful rocket ever

09 Febrero 2018, 07:29 | Benedicto Grullon



The launch of this rocket is exceptionally monumental, as it signals the first time a rocket of this size has been sent into space by a private company, as opposed to a government space agency like NASA. He will use his next new, bigger rocket, the Big Falcon Rocket (BFR), for human missions beyond low Earth orbit.

While the launch was a success, it didn't go exactly as planned.

But let's start by looking at some of the many positives. "Apparently, there is a vehicle in orbit around Earth". That is twice as powerful as its two main competitors, the United Launch Alliance's Delta IV Heavy and Atlas V, with a payload that is twice as heavy. For the purposes of colonising Mars or the moon, this is a welcome and necessary development.

Elon Musk, who now has a Tesla Roadster floating in space somewhere, definitely earned a cold one yesterday.

"If it doesn't explode into tiny pieces, it will carry Starman in Roadster over 400 million km from Earth at 11 km/sec on a billion year journey through deep space", he said.

Like Space Shuttle launches with astronauts on board, this launch's high visibility drew large crowds and generated significant boat traffic.

The company said it still was waiting on news about the landing of its center core booster, which was set to touch down on a floating platform at sea. The impact this price drop has for innovative new space products and research is groundbreaking. It wasn't a comet or a UFO, it was the SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket. While visually appealing, cheaper and a major technological advancement, what about the environmental impact?

The cost-savings of reusable rocket stages are considerable.

They are the most notorious group in Silicon Valley who founded, funded or led some of the world's biggest tech firms. "Instead of just clearing one area for the rocket's ascent, we have two areas to keep an eye on - one for ascent, and one for return". The Falcon Heavy would also participate, launching cargo toward the Red Planet every 26 months.

Musk said he doesn't plan to fly people on the Heavy - that will mainly be used to launch supersize satellites.

Certification could take as many as 14 or as few as two flights, a spokesperson for the Air Force Space and Missile Systems Command, in Los Angeles, told SpaceNews.

If he can launch a luxury electric vehicle into orbit, then he can probably make a decent stab at disrupting both the automobile and electricity industries as we know them - even in Australia.

'Meanwhile, the second stage is continuing its trajectory towards Mars, ' the SpaceX team said.

On Tuesday night Musk tweeted that the Falcon Heavy's payload "exceeded Mars orbit and kept going to the asteroid belt".

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