Febrero 21, 2018

Facebook Testing 'Downvote' Button For Comments

09 Febrero 2018, 04:17 | Benedicto Grullon

Facebook Says It's Not Testing A "Dislike Button", But A "Downvote" Button Is Definitely Out There

Facebook testing 'downvote' button on users' comments

Facebook is testing a new downvote button with a limited set of public Page post comments.

The new button, which appears to bring Facebook closer to having a "dislike" button, is now being tested on five per cent of android users in the US. The test launched on Thursday with many users seeing the option to "downvote" in the comment section of posts.

That's according to a report by The Daily Beast, who says the social network's incoming downvote button will have its own place underneath comments, separate from Reactions.

The test is limited to five percent of the company's English-speaking Android users in the United States, and Facebook does not plan to expand it, at least not in its current iteration. Now, however, Facebook is testing a downvote button among a subset of users.

Facebook said that the test is being carried on five percent of Android users in the US.

Without further ado, this is Facebook's statement: "We are not testing a dislike button". However, the company has been reluctant to give users what they want due to fears that the introduction of such button might have negative consequences.

Although it seems to bring the company closer to having a "dislike" button it is not the same thing.

A couple years ago, it said it was working on a "dislike" button that didn't encourage negativity.

The social network giant confirmed the news to TechCrunch but insisted this feature would not be the "dislike" button that has been widely requested. Instead, the reactions are all meant to show sympathy with a post or comment. Some Facebook users already have access to the button. In it, there is a feature which shows the upvote and the downvote button. However, the feature is available on any comment that is made on a public page post.

"It has become very clear that Mark Zuckerberg doesn't want Facebook to have the responsibility of identifying what is offensive or misleading - and what is not - because that would put him into the position of being a publisher rather than a platform", he said.

Downvoting is, of course, usually associated with Reddit. The idea is that short comments such as "Hi" or "Thanks" are not as meaningful as longer comments that suggest a lot of thought being put into the interaction.

It will help Facebook work out if someone is harassing other users, or if a comment is helping to circulate fake news.

The downvote button is similar to the signature functionality of Reddit. The aim to make it easier for users to provide feedback is thus evident and expresses the seriousness of the social media platform's intention to keep its contents qualitative as per social standards.

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