Febrero 21, 2018

The Cloverfield Paradox Launches on Netflix Following Trailer Unveiling

06 Febrero 2018, 10:37 | Benedicto Grullon

First Trailer For The Cloverfield Paradox Arrives, Premieres Tonight On Netflix

Is Netflix Planning the Ultimate Super Bowl Surprise with

Warning: spoilers ahead for The Cloverfield Paradox.

Netflix dropped the biggest surprise of Super Bowl LII (other than the Philadelphia Eagles beating the New England Patriots) when it unexpectedly released The Cloverfield Paradox: the third instalment in the loosely-connected sci-fi anthology series.

It's not often that a sequel steps up to take a story in a smaller direction.

One of the more enjoyable elements of the Cloverfield franchise was unraveling the many mysteries each film has presented viewers, leading many to hypothesize how all the films tie together. "In the case of The Cloverfield Paradox, it's just a fancy word for 'junk drawer'".

"Netflix's goal is disruption and you can't disrupt the marketing window any more than they did tonight", said one executive at a rival company, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of industry relationships.

One of the big problems with Paradox is that 85 percent of the film is explanation, leaving very little time for character development. In 10 Cloverfield Lane, this approach paid off: A great horror-thriller was sent out into the world with a bunch of attention and branding, and made a ton more money than it ever could have otherwise.

"Some of the more absurd moments would play better if the film never left Paradox's space station". As a result, The Cloverfield Paradox becomes two completely different movies, and neither holds water. Clearly, the cast is the best part about this movie. Would you have wanted to see a version by the Doctor Strange team instead?

When The Cloverfield Paradox opens, an energy crisis is close to bringing the world to its knees.

"In the near future, a group of global astronauts on a space station are working to solve a massive energy crisis on Earth", Netflix describes their latest acquired film. In other words, it's Life from previous year all over again, with a similar talent pool and behind-the-camera pedigree (Julius Onah, one of the most exciting young African filmmakers working today) brought down by a crushingly dumb patchwork script. We also see from news footage with scientist Mark Stambler (Donal Logue) cautioning that the work being done on Cloverfield Station could rip apart space-time and cause monsters, demons, and other bad things to come into our universe.

Sure enough, after the crew flips the switch, shit hits the fan. Objects appear inside crew member's bodies, and crew members appear inside the ship's systems.

"In the tacked-on opening scene, Gugu Mbatha-Raw's Hamilton and her husband (Roger Davies) baldly outline the film's premise while waiting in a snaking, 1970s-style line for gas", the review continues. There's a giant, unseen presence storming through the city, laying waste to everything.

The Cloverfield Paradox is now available to stream on Netflix, but critics aren't too pleased with the latest installment in Bad Robot's disjointed monster series. The question is: why? The dunderheaded ending involves a character yelling, 'Don't come back!' as if people in a spaceship with limited power have anywhere else to go - Mars?

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