Febrero 21, 2018

Pro-life supporters meet at annual Roe V. Wade memorial

24 Enero 2018, 10:22 | Martinez Canez

Even with Trump as president, abortion still divides America

Anti-abortion Tennesseans to participate in annual March for Life

President Donald Trump became the first sitting president to address the March for Life on Friday, reminding those in attendance that ending legal abortion will remain priorities for him throughout his administration.

Monday is the 45th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that confirmed a woman's constitutional right to decide whether to obtain an abortion.

Gloria Totten, president of the Public Leadership Institute, said in a statement that it is critical for state lawmakers to pass laws that ensure access to abortion care even if the Supreme Court's conservative majority takes aim at Roe.

For four and a half contentious decades, the anti-abortion movement has skillfully redefined Roe as representing an extreme position when it does not.

"The decision wasn't very hard at all", Danielle said.

As the Times concludes, "Although Planned Parenthood operates in fewer facilities, sees fewer patients and performs fewer services, the nation's largest abortion provider reported a year-to-year increase in federal funding of more than $25 million". Taking back the House in November 2018 will be key to blocking anti-abortion legislation. As Margaret Talbot wrote in The New Yorker previous year, many of these laws, such as those that call for mandatory counselling sessions, in which patients are told about the mental-health consequences of having an abortion, have been framed as efforts to protect women from harm.

Hence, the inevitable controversies that arise when states try to adopt laws requiring parental notification for minors, waiting periods, mandatory sonogram views and even medical safeguards created to protect women themselves. Safety and economic security - that's what Roe v. Wade is still all about. Some groups worry the U.S. Supreme Court could overturn Roe V. Wade.

The battle was fought. When they want our vote, Republicans pledge to stop funding these killers of the unborn, but after the polls close the leadership's memory gets foggy. Her commitment to supporting Lifesavers Foundation, a Dallas-Fort Worth area faith-based ministry providing health services to women and their young children, has been reinvigorated. One would make it an unfair practice for employers to deny employees free contraception; the other would ask the Washington State Health Care Authority to reimburse certain medical expenses for low-income women.

Roadblocks like waiting periods, mandatory counseling and other restrictions reveal a concerted effort. These latter two requirements were introduced in a Texas law in 2013, but struck down by subsequent court rulings.

Trump's anti-abortion speech was broadcast to the rally from the Rose Garden.

Their silence might just reveal the real racists among us. If we care about the babies, we need to start caring for the mothers. This country has enough problems with environmental threats, overwhelming debt, crumbling infrastructure, hunger, poverty and crime without revisiting a fight won long ago.

Bringing stories like his out from the shadows and into the public eye has been one of the reproductive-right movement's most impactful tools. Donning knitted pink hats, their message of equal treatment and respect for women appeared to be overshadowed by calls for unrestricted abortion, expletive-laced denunciations of Trump, and support for transgender issues. "And I don't believe the politicians are the best people to make that decision".

Trump also cited several initiatives he has taken to mitigate the consequences of Roe v. Wade, a decision he accurately condemned as facilitating "some of the most permissive abortion laws anywhere in the world".

We know that we can expect continuing attacks on our reproductive health and rights coming at us from Washington.

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