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Trump suggests he's developed a positive relationship with Kim Jong

14 Enero 2018, 12:18 | Crisanna Felipe

The case for using military force against North Korea

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North and South Korea held their first talks in two years on Tuesday. In fact, southern officials had been attempting to use the hotline between the two governments regularly, but the North had refused to pick up. Rapid progress is being made in working-level discussions on North Korea's participation in the Olympics and joint entrances with South Korea at the opening and closing ceremonies.

North Korea boycotted the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, but it agreed in the talks to send athletes and officials to the upcoming games.

Receive our Daily Dispatch and Editors' Picks newsletters. North Korea and South Koreas women's hockey teams played a match at the Gangneung Ice Arena last April as part of PyeongChang 2018 test events. The joint statement issued after the talks states: "South and North Korea have chose to make joint efforts for the unity of the people and reconciliation by establishing an environment for peace and easing military tensions on the Korean peninsula". While China has largely followed through with United Nations sanctions, in part due to its own frustrations over Mr Kim's behaviour, Vladimir Putin's Russian Federation has increasingly emerged as a lifeline for Pyongyang.

Kim's father, Kim Jong Il, who ruled North Korea from 1994 to 2011, directed previous rounds of grisly purges of non-socialist elements to fortify his grip on power.

Trump was then asked if he has spoken directly with Kim, but did not give a definitive answer.

On more important issues, the North appears predictably recalcitrant.

North Korea will send a team down to PyeongChang, North Korean athletes and officials will preen before the world's media, and the biggest stories from the Games will not be who wins what but which North Koreans are shaking hands with which South Koreans, how honest their smiles are and exactly what they are murmuring to one another.

Moon, Trump see possibility for US-DPRK dialogue
Transcript of Donald Trump Interview With The Wall Street Journal

On "Fox News Sunday", CIA Director Mike Pompeo underscored Trump's message, declaring that "We want the regime to understand that, unlike before, we are intent on resolving this and it is our firm conviction that resolving this diplomatically is the correct answer but that this administration is prepared to do what it takes to assure that people in Los Angeles, in Denver, in NY are not held at risk from Kim Jong Un having a nuclear weapon".

"It is rare to observe personnel in this area", the report says. Rex Tillerson, America's secretary of state, has said much the same.

"We have certainly problems with North Korea", Trump said at a news conference. After Tuesday's meeting between the two Koreas, U.S. President Donald Trump told President Moon during a phone call that the open to talks with North Korea (QUOTE) "at the appropriate time, under the right circumstances".

A Japanese ruling party lawmaker said he did not believe the Korean talks could narrow the gap between North Korea's demand for recognition as a nuclear-armed state and the US refusal to accept that. Over the past few month Trump had hostile exchanges Kim, who has repeatedly been mocked by Trump as a "rocket man" over his weapons programs.

In theory the next round of talks could get into issues that stop short of denuclearisation but reduce the chance of an accidental conflagration. This is seen as a major step toward improving relations between the two countries. South Korea, in contrast, is already within striking distance of the North's massive conventional, nuclear and suspected chemical and biological arsenal.

Still, Washington will be unhappy if South Korea can be persuaded to resume closer economic ties with the North, for example by reopening several cross-border economic zones. The IOC also helped provide training equipment to North Korean athletes past year.

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