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Paddington 2 Is a Fuzzy Teddybear of a Movie

13 Enero 2018, 02:00 | Gervasio Siguenza

Mum's the word Hugh Bonneville looks dashing in a green three-piece suit as he promoted Paddington 2 with The Moms at their New York screening

Mum's the word Hugh Bonneville looks dashing in a green three-piece suit as he promoted Paddington 2 with The Moms at their New York screening

Paddington 2 is certified fresh on Rottentomatoes with 100% approval rating.

Ben Whishaw returns as the voice of author Michael Bond's beloved ursine hero, as do numerous familiar faces who made up 2015's original film. It's because these self-righteous, entitled ingrates see themselves as the centre of the universe, and Paddington as a distraction from their self-worth. Paddington's new story begins with a homeless cub floating down a river in need of help. Brown is having a midlife crisis; Sally Hawkins's warm Mrs.

Paddington gets a mission when he spots a London pop-up book at an antique store that he thinks would be ideal to buy his Aunt Lucy (voiced by Imelda Staunton), who is still in Peru and has always dreamed of going to London (pretty thoughtful for an anthropomorphized bear). When he finds an elaborate London-themed pop-up book in an antique store run by Brown family friend Mr. Gruber (Jim Broadbent), Paddington realizes he's found the flawless gift, but since the book is well out of the bear's modest price range, he decides to get a job and start saving.

This is a picture that gently restores comedy and compassion to the natural bedfellows they are, and that finds its most lasting beauty in its characters' faces, fur-covered or otherwise.

The Brown family doesn't have as much to do this time around: Julie Walters' fiery grandmother, especially, needs far more screentime. Knowing his aunt very well, he sets off to find an awesome present. Unfortunately, Aunt Lucy's flawless present is unusually expensive. It's Paddington's impenetrable spirit, his striving to do right by the world, to "always see the good in people", even those who wish him harm, that is the biggest wish-fulfillment of 2018. As we see in a gloriously animated sequence, in which Paddington finds himself happily lost amid the book's three-dimensional pages, it's the ideal gift for someone who, like Lucy, always wanted to visit the city but never got the chance. They are busy trying to nail Buchanan for the theft but miss visiting day, convincing sad Paddington that they've forgotten him.

As with the first installment, based on Michael Bond's series of children's books, the sequel is stunning to look at, with inventive, colorful sets and such crafty interludes as a sequence in which Paddington imagines himself and his Aunt Lucy frolicking through the pages of the elusive pop-up book.

Hugh Bonneville: "I think one of the reasons the character has endured, and why it people have an affection for him, both in the book and on the screen, it's because we all have been Paddington, we have all been a stranger in a odd place". But without the evidence to prove that Paddington is innocent, he gets sent to jail. It's enough to make you think he was wasted for decades in stuttering rom-com leads when he has so much more comedic range. ("Paddington Goes to Prison").

In 2014, Paddington turned out to be one of the most intelligent, entertaining and emotional children's movie in recent years, more than it had any right or expectation to be. It may be delusional to expect love and respect be responded with empathy and selflessness in the cold harsh truth of the real world, but the film might just give you that moment of warmth. The backgrounds and sets are detailed with a (dare I say it) nearly steampunk edge to the design that gives Paddington's world a hint of magic. This quote applies to our daily routine and can and should be carried on in real life.

"People have been calling it the "Godfather: Part II" of the family movie genre, which is praise indeed", Bonneville said.

When I went to see Paddington 2 with my family, my expectations were low. There are sly references to "The Great Escape", Charlie Chaplin's "Modern Times" and other movie classics - but the nods are unobtrusive, so younger viewers won't feel left out of the fun.

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