Enero 21, 2018

Latest health trend 'raw water' might be risky as well as unscientific

13 Enero 2018, 08:53 | Martinez Canez

Cholera and Hepatitis A are two of the risks of drinking unfiltered untreated

Cholera and Hepatitis A are two of the risks of drinking unfiltered untreated

"Chloramine, and on top of that they're putting in fluoride". You're in luck because "raw water" is now on the shelves, promising to bring none of the safety of tap water at a much higher cost. Companies have started making new types of water bottles that are more eco-friendly, too. You're drinking toilet water with birth control drugs in them. As far back in history as Ancient Egypt, people would clarify their water before drinking it, and it is a well known fact among survival experts that even fresh spring water should be boiled before drinking, to eliminate contamination risks.

One of the major reasons for raw water being a unsafe trend is that human bodies over a long period of time have got used to treated water and the immunity against even less risky bacteria has decreased considerably.

The water is advertised as having no added chemicals and not passing through pipes like tap water.

As mentioned above, tap water isn't 100 percent safe either. Even companies that collect and bottle spring water sterilize it, usually by shining ultraviolet light on the water.

Bottled water with promotional branding is common in the industry. Source can work anywhere, and many arrays are deployed in deserts where water is scarce, Friesen said.

Go to countries like Ghana and you'll come across people drinking raw water all right, because they have no option but to drink from potentially risky springs and rivers.

Canada's drinking water guidelines "set out the basic parameters that every water system should strive to achieve in order to provide the cleanest, safest and most reliable drinking water possible", Health Canada said. White dudes pretending to be eastern mystics really sells to raw water elites.

On the other hand though, Singh is totally on the wrong track, forgetting that water is treated for the sake of preventing diseases spread through contaminated water.

Doug Evans, who said he subsists on an organic, plant-based diet, said he has been drinking raw water for almost two decades now.

A new "raw" trend has made its way into the paper of record for anti-science woo and miracle vegetable fads - the New York Times.

After the U.S.started incorporating filtration and treatment methods for public drinking water over a century ago, many illnesses like cholera, nearly completely disappeared.

The best (or worst) part about this whole raw water trend is that it actually leads to water that expires just like other foods.

You know, that thing they do to make sure we don't get sick when we drink milk. "Now is that because I saw it come off the roof, and anything from the roof feels special?"

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