Abril 21, 2018

Google has great news about fixing the Meltdown and Spectre chip flaws

06 Enero 2018, 01:21 | Benedicto Grullon

Intel says rapidly issuing updates to all processors impacted by Meltdown

Major hardware flaws make computers smartphones a security risk

"Google pushed out an update for Chrome OS on December 15. We continue to develop and test further mitigations for these issues and will release them in upcoming updates of iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS", Apple added. The upgrades come via auto updates.

"The bad news is, Spectre, in particular can't be completely mitigated by patching as it seems it will require a hardware fix".

Intel is up 22% over the last year.

"Intel expects to have issued updates for more than 90 per cent of processor products introduced within the past five years", an Intel statement said.

Processors in smartphones and computers are effectively the brains of the device, and queue up possible actions the user may execute in order for it to run as quickly as possible.

Nonetheless, the company is planning to make software and operating system updates available that will resolve the issue with negligible performance impact.

Greyson has moved its tantrum farther off the East Coast than forecasters expected, Colbert said, pivoting, "possibly because it didn't want to compete with the s-tstorm in Washington, D.C., thanks to all the juicy revelations in the new book about the Trump presidency, Fire and Fury - not to be confused with Omarosa's new book, Fired and Furious".

So far, nobody has seen the flaws exploited in the wild.

There are actually two exploitable flaws, though they're related. "For Spectre, you have two options: disable JavaScript and load each site in a separate browser window". Both use what's known as a side-channel analysis attack.

What's the problem that makes this possible?

"It was made pursuant to a pre-arranged stock sale plan. with an automated sale schedule". The major chip makers - AMD, ARM and Intel - have decided to work together to mitigate the potential effects of a common enemy that affects most modern computer chips - a good sign for future industry collaboration. It was called "speculative execution".

For large data centers where there are many operations to the kernel memory, the impact may be somewhat greater, but I still estimate it will be well under 10 percent. The company adds that "the described threat has not been seen in the public domain".

Meltdown allows a corrupted computer program to access the memory of other programs, apps or operating systems which are normally inaccessible, according to various researchers. It appears to only affect Intel chips manufactured since 1995.

Separately, US-CERT has changed its guidance for protection from replacing processor boards to simply applying patches. "This might include your passwords stored in a password manager or browser, your personal photos, emails, instant messages and even business-critical documents". It was told that such software programmes and apps should be avoided that are not trusted. Some of it has been accurate, and some has been sensationalist and overblown.

How does this affect Apple?

An excellent question, which hasn't been answered yet.

Intel's Walker confirmed that security analysts informed the company in June of the security holes in its PC and phone microchips.

The researchers alerted chip and software companies, which began writing patches and fixes.

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