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South Korean special forces train to steal North Korean nukes

23 Diciembre 2017, 04:42 | Crisanna Felipe

South Korea fires warning shots as North Korean soldiers appear to search for defector

Lt Col Christopher B. Logan a spokesman for the US military in South Korea said'exercises are vital to the readiness of the US and our allies and ensure we are ready and trained for combined-joint operations

The ICBM was launched on a steep trajectory before crashing back to Earth 960km away in the Sea of Japan, 210km from the Japanese coast.

In fact, Trump has threatened to "totally destroy" North Korea and ruled out any talks to end the confrontation unless Pyongyang capitulates to the US demand.

A South Korean defence ministry official said up to 20 warning shots were fired at North Korean troops who approached too closely to the "military demarcation line", apparently in search of the missing soldier.

However, it continues to remain unclear if the army would develop a single type of dronebot for reconnaissance and attack missions or two different UAVs - one carrying the surveillance payload and other for launching attacks with an explosive warhead. And hackers linked to the North Korean government stole nearly 4,000 bitcoins from Youbit earlier this year.

According to Stars & Stripes, propaganda flyers were discovered after a North Korean soldier defected to South Korea through the heavily fortified demilitarized zone, the border that divides the two Koreas.

Lt Col Christopher B. Logan, a spokesman for the US military in South Korea, said 'exercises are vital to the readiness of the US and our allies, and ensure we are ready and trained for combined-joint operations'.

Since the Korean War that took place from 1950 to 1953, around 30,000 North Koreans have defected to South Korea, mostly via China.

"These (minerals) have been banned and are no longer being sold, and it has become difficult to feed soldiers".

He said networked swarms of drones are starting to be developed and this could be a game changer in future warfare. That being, an account or folder that stores the private keys in such a way that they are connected to the internet. While promising to return as much money as possible to traders, the site admitted that the balances of every account had been cut by 25 percent.

Animosities run high on the Korean Peninsula as North Korea has been accelerating its weapons tests as part of its stated goal of achieving a nuclear missile capable of striking anywhere in the United States. South Korea's Unification Ministry, which oversees defectors, said the last time it happened was in 2007.

The South Korean president also met with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang last Friday and both pledged to reopen communication channels on trade and to resume bilateral economic projects.

"The missing link is North Korea", he said, adding with North Korea, a Eurasia network could be built, and the region transformed.

Stella Kim reported from Seoul, South Korea, and Phil Helsel from Los Angeles.

The developments bring this year's total for the number of people defecting directly to the South to 15, a Joint Chiefs of Staff tally showed - three times as many as last year. "Almost none have worked effectively to halt the regime's military and nuclear ambitions".

Beijing was angered when the South deployed a controversial US anti-missile system this year.

The economic ties between Hong Kong during British colonial rule and the mainland Chinese city eventually played an important role after the handover of Hong Kong to China.

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