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US secret services control doping whistleblower Rodchenkov — Putin

15 Diciembre 2017, 03:13 | Crisanna Felipe

Credit AP MIKHAIL KLIMENTYEV Russian President Vladimir Putin listens to a question during his four-hour annual news conference Thursday in Moscow

Credit AP  MIKHAIL KLIMENTYEV				Russian President Vladimir Putin listens to a question during his four-hour annual news conference Thursday in Moscow

IRINA KUZNETSOVA: I hope that he knows everything about the situation in the pockets of the common people, that the pockets are now with a big hole and the hole is getting bigger and bigger.

WaPo's describing the January 6 briefing on Russiagate at Trump Tower for the president-elect by America's four intel chiefs.

Athletes identified include those who would be expected to compete at the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympic Games.

"It's delirium, it's madness", he said.

Speaking about his assessment of Trump's first year in office, Putin in Moscow said that he found "some major achievements in the White House". Well, WaPo reported back in January that U.S. intelligence had captured "communications" of senior Russian officials celebrating Trump's victory. Very few of them seem to be conscious of the fact that they are not an extension of the government's long arm but rather are supposed to control it and uncover its wrongdoings. The attempts never penetrated vote tallying systems, according to federal agencies, but the federal government warned local officials to redouble efforts to secure their systems. Did it look too little? Again, the method was left unstated; whether these were intercepted phone calls, emails, or even an open mic in a room somewhere is unclear.

All these signatures will be checked for authenticity, including signatures in support of Vladimir Putin.

The two sides have agreed to cooperate with each other to keep developing hockey by holding coaching seminars, organizing games between national youth teams and hosting regional conferences on ways to improve the sport in East Asia. Everyone agreed. But several months later it was too little for the United States, they arrested some North Korean bank accounts.

This was whittled down to around 300 elite current athletes competing at international level. Sobchak, 31, is daughter of deceased Anatoli Sobchak, mayor of St. Petersburg whose orders Putin worked as responsible for foreign economic relations of that municipality.

Many young Russians don't remember the problems the nation faced in the 1990s and early 2000s, he added. A total mess, nearly as bad as it is today in Ukraine. Self-nominated candidates also have the right to take part in the elections.

"The scandal is being created ahead of the domestic political calendar", he said. He asked her to go to his hotel room, and there, they had intercourse. That may not be such a surprise, given the president's propensity for - shall we say - stretching the boundaries of the truth. "This is just funny".

Grigory Rodchenkov, the former head of Russia's anti-doping laboratory who has claimed to have helped Russia's sports ministry cover up hundreds of positive tests, provided the key evidence to enquiries by international sporting bodies that eventually led to Russia's banning from the Olympics.

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