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Yankees On Stanton's List Of Preferred Teams

09 Diciembre 2017, 01:21 | Crisanna Felipe

Giancarlo Stanton Will Approve Trade To Four Teams Including Dodgers

Stanton Cold on Giants, Cardinals

If they were to trade Fowler, they'd expect the same in such a deal - they'd pay only a small part of it. It isn't known whether Fowler's availability is dependent on a potential trade for Giancarlo Stanton, but it makes sense that it might.

As the tension builds, the pressure rises for franchises looking to make a splash before next spring. He also made his fourth All-Star team. The issue for the Yankees is there desire to get below the $197MM competitive balance tax threshold. Right fielder Aaron Judge hit 52 home runs and finished second to Houston's Jose Altuve in the American League MVP race. Thus, it may be a former Dodger that prevents LA from becoming the best team in baseball history. The disappointed Giants released a statement acknowledging as much, and it was impossible not to feel their disappointment. Stanton holds all the leverage here with his full no-trade clause, and he just doesn't want to play for St. Louis of San Francisco. If the Marlins had to eat the same percentage, it would be roughly $109 million.

There are a lot of hurdles and complications to this one, as the Giants and Cardinals would surely attest.

Stanton's preferred destination is the Dodgers, the team for which he rooted growing up in Southern California.

According to baseball reference, Kershaw is owed in the ballpark of $35 million each of the next three years if he does not opt out after 2018. Are they desperate enough to do anywhere near that much between swallowing contracts of players like Castro and Headley and eating a chunk of Stanton's contract? He has reportedly expressed interest in playing for a contender in a coastal city.

With the market taking so long to get started, the Giants aren't at a disadvantage. That's true among the fans, and it's true among the organizations as the A's reminded us on Friday. Javier Baez of the Chicago Cubs has some nice trade value and can be replaced by Ben Zobrist.

Ian Casselberry: I think it's the Cubs. So if the Marlins want to offload Stanton, it'll likely have to be in a trade with one of those four teams.

The new Derek Jeter-led ownership regime in Miami has spent the past five weeks trying to move Stanton, who has a guaranteed $295 million left on his contract.

The biggest MLB trade rumors of the last decade have been around Giancarlo Stanton. Sure, they returned to the NLCS last season, but they were dispatched rather easily by the Dodgers. Unfortunately for New York, like Stanton, Ellsbury has a no-trade clause and would have to approve the deal.

On the other hand, at what point will the Marlins blink first? This may have factored into his decision to turn down the Giants and Cardinals.

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