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Explaining the Virginia election results — PolitiFact

10 Noviembre 2017, 07:09 | Crisanna Felipe

Here's Why Democrats Won Big in Virginia

Virginia's hard-fought race was closely watched as a swing-state test of Trump's popularity and early indicator of the 2018 midterm elections

Northam defeated Republican candidate Ed Gillespie.

Devontae A. Freeland '19, a member of the Harvard Democrats member, adding that he saw an increase in student involvement in the elections this year.

John Adams, meet Virginia. That could lead to fairer maps that make the state more politically representative.

US Democrats nearly wiped out Republicans' overwhelming majority on Tuesday in the Virginia House of Delegates, with a handful of races that will decide control of the body remaining too close to call. The first African-American woman mayor of Charlotte.

Northam, the state's lieutenant governor, repeatedly sought during long months of divisive campaigning to tie Gillespie to the president. In an age in which party affiliation has become a kind of immutable tribal identity, you just can't get very many people to cross party lines. He is a winner of the Edward R. Murrow Award for excellence in writing. "The Republican Party is imploding". Those districts were designed to entrench Republicans in power.

Republican students expressed a variety of views on what contributed to Democratic victories Tuesday.

If that wave came, the Democratic Party could have wound up at one of the lowest points in its history. But the November 7th election left some Democrats feeling reinvigorated. Virginia's gerrymander did not backfire on Republicans.

The questions now will be about whether even Trump can afford to stay loyal to Trumpism.

In 2012, Democrats competed heavily in Wisconsin, driving up turnout with a strong ground game. In suburban Richmond, a thirty-two-year-old civics teacher won a seat that Democrats had only contested once since 1997. Since World War II, the chart shows, no two-term president (or presidential tag team) has ever gained Senate seats, House seats, governorships, or state legislative chambers over an eight-year period. After Northam beat a more progressive opponent, Tom Perriello, in the primary, Perriello wholeheartedly endorsed and then campaigned for Northam - avoiding the Hillary Clinton-Bernie Sanders schism that bedeviled the party in 2016. The people of Virginia were fired up to send a message and they did-Thanks Trump! They won at the polls. For each type of office, Obamas losses were bigger on a percentage basis than either of his two immediate predecessors.

The backlash to Trump wasn't limited just to the Virginia governor's mansion, however. His former campaign chairman has just been indicted, and it seems likely that his former national-security adviser will be, too. Washington state will now join California and Oregon as states where Democrats control the governor's office and both houses of the Legislature.

Davis, when he was in Congress, chaired the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee. The figure below puts the Republican Party's losses in historical perspective. This was the case in northern Virginia and the suburbs of Washington DC.

One tipping point was immigration.

About all this, the Democratic Party would like Clinton to say, well, nothing. Their leaders were ecstatic Tuesday nights. Or the curse of the White House. They can run as anti-Trumpists and against know-nothingism.

Stewart, who launched a 2018 bid against Sen.

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