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On This Week's 'The Walking Dead,' Morgan Loses His Damn Mind

09 Noviembre 2017, 02:14 | Gerardo Tarin

These Old Man Rick Theories About ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 Will Make You Question Everything Jackson Lee Davis AMC

These Old Man Rick Theories About ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 Will Make You Question Everything Jackson Lee Davis  AMC

It has already been teased that The Walking Dead season 8 will have "lots of killing", after all, and not all the deaths on the show can be reserved for little-known background characters. Earlier in this same episode, Gregory (Xander Berkeley) made his way back to the Hilltop and begged to be let in, which was mostly a pathetic spectacle but did include one ominous revelation: Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) knew what Rick was planning even before Gregory showed up. Gabriel vanished without a trace, and after sustaining a mortal gunshot wound last week, Eric joins the ranks of the departed this week in another tearful goodbye that comes off as perfunctory. The closest we've come are the various Rick problems in Alexandria and prior, but most of his problems in that town were caused by people who could be considered bad from an objective viewpoint: a wife-beater, a lick-spittle toady striving for power, an unrepentant racist, those sorts of folks. Eight years of memes, a cliffhanger episode ending, and then Daryl emotionlessly ends Morales with a single blow?

The drudgery of this hour is so pervasive that it undercuts what's supposed to be a heartbreaking moment: Aaron seeing his boyfriend Eric die for a cause he only half-heartedly supported in the first place. Rick yells and looks shocked when Daryl kills Morales, and Rick looks almost disappointed when Daryl kills the Savior who tried to surrender to Rick in exchange for a car and a chance to live. "That don't matter. Not one little bit".

The drama doesn't exactly intensify at the Hilltop, where Maggie greets the turncoat Gregory at the gate, and patiently listens to him explain that he only sold out his own constituents to protect them from the Saviors. The kid gives the intel on the location of some heavy artillery, but instead of letting him go, Daryl shoots him in the head, much to the dismay of Rick, who had planned on following through on his promise. His lack of remorse for executing an unarmed man shows that Daryl is becoming twisted in the post-apocalypse.

Trouble in paradise: Twice tonight we saw Daryl coldly put down Saviors when Rick expressed a desire to find another solution. The two of them take cover, and Rick calls out offering the shooter a deal. He energizes his soldiers with grandiloquence bordering on the Shakespearean, warning of "bloodthirsty rogues and unrepentant cutthroats bent on nothing short of our pitiless destruction". The episode made it seem like this was just another day in the life of Old Man Rick.

The writers couldn't have chosen a more ill-suited character for the show's latest hot seat of red herring non-death.

Tasty: For the curious, here's a recipe for sorghum pancakes.

At the end of Season 1, Rick decides to lead the group to the CDC.

Worse, the characters seem to be going in circles, right along with the plot.

Do you think Rick's group are becoming monsters or just doing what they need to do for survival? But his death was as unexpected as his arrival, and to be honest, who could really remember him anyway? Morales claims that all Saviors are under orders to take Rick alive, which is awfully convenient. Is he referring to the specific task of escorting the Saviour prisoners to Hilltop, or does he mean the conflict against Negan as a whole?

This is the closest thing you'll ever see to the second lineup from the comics. A few of Zeke's loyal followers tackle him, appearing to shield him from the assault. But, two episodes later, and Monsters shows Rick whipping out that very same Polaroid to document the aftermath of a firefight, taking pictures of the dead as though he were an Arts major trying to capture the horrors of war. And I'm guessing we'll see Negan, too. That is genuinely hard work. What that's going to do to Ezekiel and his pretend confidence, assuming he survives, is a matter of real suspense.

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