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Samsung mocks 10 years of iPhone with new ad

06 Noviembre 2017, 04:07 | Benedicto Grullon

Apple iPhone X is here and Samsung has followed it up with an ad mocking the notch

Apple iPhone X is here and Samsung has followed it up with an ad mocking the notch

One such instance is when both of them falls into the water accidentally with their phones. Samsung has unlocked the carrier support on Note8 Enterprise Edition to avoid the software variation between carriers.

The iPhone X has a pair of 12MP lenses on the back, one with a f/1.8 aperture, the other with a f/2.4 aperture.

In the end, he puts the iPhone 7 where unwanted, unloved gadgets go: the drawer.

Samsung explains why its Galaxy smartphones have been a step ahead of the iPhone in the last decade.

In this latest tit-for-that, our protagonist grows up from buying the first iPhone in 2007, to waiting in queues, 'suffering' with the dongle for the headphone jack-less iPhone 7, and more before finally switching to Samsung in a happy-ever-after ending. Naturally, 128GB or even 256GB of internal storage is in the cards too.

"The problems reported shifted from being mainly about a handset's battery life, to being about data usage and issues with software updates". Check it out for yourself below.

The ad follows an Apple user that grows increasingly disappointed with his iPhones, as years pass by. Just a week in, it has already been garnering positive reviews, and raising some questions, all on par for another Apple bestseller.

Apple's iPhone X notch has been widely criticized by tech pundits, who have called the design "odd" and "ridiculous".

Specifically, local news outlet The Bell quotes an official from the supplier in question as saying, "We will start providing components for a pilot production (of the Galaxy Note 9) in the first quarter next year". However, Samsung's ads were not that harsh in the initial days.

Additionally, Samsung will provide its Samsung Enterprise Firmware over the Air update feature for the new smartphone, facilitating a centrally controlled operating system for enterprises. Initial response to the product has been very encouraging.

Samsung has released a new ad for its Galaxy devices, and unsurprisingly, it's going after Apple's phones yet again. Of course, some will probably point out how Samsung's phones need some growing up as well, and that poking fun at others isn't exactly a sign of maturity.

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