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Xbox One X Review: In the moment

03 Noviembre 2017, 08:53 | Crisanna Felipe

Xbox One X vs. Nintendo Switch: Is the Xbox One X Worth It?

Xbox One X Review – Ushering in a New Era of True 4K Gaming

The Xbox One X just makes playing Xbox One games better in general, even if you've not got a 4K TV with HDR yet; on a standard HDTV, games running at higher than 1080p will be supersampled for superior picture quality.

With a Canadian starting price of $599 - generally $250 more than the Xbox One S, its lower-powered sibling, and $100 more than rival PS4 Pro - this is a console that is squarely aimed at the hardest of the hardcore Xbox gamers.

If the previous generation kickstarted the digital era for consoles, devices like the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch might propel downloads much closer to the full parity with physical sales than anyone would have expected. And like many other optimized games, it gives you the option of upping the framerate to 60fps or keeping the framerate at 30fps and pushing the graphical fidelity with insanely high-quality textures. The timings below, in seconds, detail how long it took the Xbox to launch a game from a non-suspended state and show its first on-screen prompt, be it an epilepsy warning, studio logo or otherwise. There is no doubt it's an impressive console and one that developers should, eventually, flock towards as we inch towards 4K HDR gaming being the norm.

I've spent the better part of the past week waiting for a lot of that work to come to fruition.

Backwards compatibility is definitely one of the under-appreciated features of the Xbox One - but the Xbox One X has unexpectedly given us a whole new reason to appreciate it. Four Xbox 360 games are now playable in 4K, which is unexpectedly awesome.

Yeah, but what does that mean to the standard gamer? "Microsoft doesn't have a single launch exclusive for this console, and while enhancements to old games are great, I often found it hard to even notice big differences because I don't think some of these games were designed with 4K textures in mind". You can hook it up to your TV and play from the couch even! Installed on an external hard drive, Forza Horizon 3 loads around 20 seconds faster than it does on an Xbox One S, which is an improvement not to be sniffed at.

From the get-go Ninja Gaiden treats you like the ultimate badass and a pathetic baby. Have you played it? Still, it looks very nice in 4K HDR.

That's it! As far as setup steps go, you're ready to rumble.

The Xbox One X is, as advertised, the most powerful home console to date. There's also the original Assassin's Creed, which sadly had not been patched at the time of writing, but will be by the launch week. Whatever conclusion you take away from this review, it will always be a good decision to just wait a bit and see how the library shakes out.

In his review at The Verge, Tom Warren focused on the bold and brash power of the Xbox One X, and complimented Microsoft for packing all this brawn into a small package. All that power yet one of the things I absolutely loved most about Microsoft's new beast of a console was the setup.

And that's not the end of it - framerates are improved too. The regular Xbox One X consoles are still available for pre-order at various retail shops. This sleek console has an 8-core CPU at 2.3 GHz, a one terabyte hard drive, 12GB of GDDR5 RAM, along with an upgraded AMD Polaris GPU that has 6 teraflops of computing power. As 4K patches continue to roll out, we'll see if that's true across the board, but it feels like it offers quieter gaming when pushing to extremes.

For my money, the Xbox One X is now the best looking game console on the market. It's sleek, stylish and has bags of grunt to make Xbox games look their best. Downloading large updates on day one will take a lot of time and will undoubtedly test the patience of a number of individuals. You could easily pay around $200 for an Xbox One in slightly-used condition. The short answer to that is, yes.

The initial set-up of the X is relatively quick and painless. On an Xbox One X though, it actually looks better than many games developed for current consoles.

To help spread love and joy throughout the holiday season, Helzberg is gifting customers an Xbox One S bundle with purchases of $999.99 or more.

The touch power build and chromo eject button have also gone -replaced with slick smooth push buttons.

Another key advantage for both One X and One S is the inclusion of the Ultra HD Blu-ray drive, which could be a competitive advantage over the PlayStation 4 Pro. Microsoft Studios have stumbled in the last year or so and it's really showing with the lack of exclusives this autumn, with Forza Motorsport 7 their one marquee title and the only major exclusive game coming alongside the One X is indie platformer Super Lucky's Tale.

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