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The Xbox One X Is Awesome For The Right Type of Gamer

03 Noviembre 2017, 10:41 | Crisanna Felipe

XBOX One X First Impressions

Xbox One X Review – Ushering in a New Era of True 4K Gaming

While titles like Assassin's Creed: Origins and Forza 7 should have their enhancements available for launch, almost every other amazing-looking game I've played this week on X would look just as good on my powerhouse 4K TV and trusty Xbox One S. The colours that are popping?

Microsoft's new top-end system has been created to give the most serious gamers - and those willing to pay £450 - the very best experience possible. I deliberately selected this level because of the Windflare storm, which makes the level even darker, while also simultaneously providing contrasting light sources, such as the lightning in the Windflare storm.

It seems like Microsoft is seeking to recast a narrative that has haunted the brand since the One launched: that the PS4 is the best place to play games. In native 4K, with the high-res texture pack, and with HDR enabled. So really, the Xbox One X is more than just a gaming console, it is a full entertainment unit. Of course, games optimized for 4K resolution, whether natively or through updates, are available at the launch of the console next week - FIFA 18, Gears of War 4, etc. - but for the most part, 4K content will trickle out over weeks, months and years, eventually becoming the standard. If pure game performance info is what you're after Gears of War 4 runs in either visual mode at 4K 30fps, or performance mode at 4K 60fps. The image is still the same but small details are much easier to make out at the higher resolution. Impressive. A Beautiful Box Right, so let's talk aesthetics. This isn't the case with Xbox One X. All your Xbox One accessories will work with the Xbox One X which is a nice plus for those who don't have extra money in the coffers for a new headset, or controller. From My Games and Apps you can select the game you want with A to bring up a menu and then choose Add to Pins.

For anyone without a 4K TV, the real appeal of the Xbox One X will be the higher framerate. But it's also still an Xbox One and not its successor. The original Xbox One, that was obsolete before it hit store shelves in 2013, is the baseline. Instead of starting fresh, keep the existing game library, leverage the increased power to provide additional benefits and quite possibly upend the traditional console cycle. If the developer enables it and the player activates it, users can introduce challenges and throw players care packages. Spend some time getting everything setup and tuned in before jumping into the games, as hard as that is! Yeah, we fall into the latter category. Similarly, testing unenhanced versions of Madden '18 and Middle-earth: Shadow of War (the enhancement patch should be out soon) reveal slight but noticeable performance improvements over the One S.

Do they still look like older titles? Not only do they get faster load times and upscaled visuals, but the power of the machine allows game creators to do more with their games. The console's power helps everything run smoothly, decreasing loading times and making switching between gameplay and the home menu much better. Eye-candy is the sort of stuff you'll notice when playing an immersive story-driven game like Gears of War 4 or Rise of the Tomb Raider. The Xbox One X has a small, but solid stable of exclusive games and has excellent support from third-party developers. The first is simple, and that's fidelity. The One X makes it move as fast as it should've from the beginning. When a standalone player costs around £200, that can be a deciding factor for those looking for the very best quality for watching films, whether they can stream 4K or not. For instance, in the tests we performed across multiple games and multiple iterations of the Xbox One, the One X loaded games 2 to 3 times quicker than the same game on the Xbox One S. Gears in 4K even loaded quicker than its 1080p counterpart on the Xbox One S as well. In fact, our download queue is still going - with barely a dent made into Call of Duty: WWII.

Like the jump from DVD to Blu-ray, you'll find it hard to revert back to playing Gears of War 4 on an older Xbox One console after you've experienced it on the Xbox One X. While I was doing my comparison, I was honestly surprised at how much better it looked and even felt on Xbox One X. The Xbox One S version does look better than the Xbox One, which is to be expected, but Gears of War 4's already-dark colour palette is further muted by the older consoles.

The Xbox One X is the most powerful games console on the market today. Same goes for Forza 7 and Halo 5. What crops up is cryptic code-speak, but it'll tell you what you need to know, including install date, update date and build details. Honestly, this was hit or miss for me, and games weren't always automatically updated. If you're a casual, couch-based gamer, don't bother with the One X, unless perhaps you see a 4K TV in your future.

We run the Day Zero update, it's around 800MB so be prepared for that. If you don't, the advantages of an Xbox One X get more complicated and a bit iffier.

Then there's the inclusion of a 4K UHD Blu-ray drive, and support for 4K streaming.

This boots the Xbox One X in (admittedly ugly) 640x480 resolution. Xbox One X also has access to many of the most popular applications such as Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify. Well, that's me speaking.

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