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Oculus Go standalone VR system cuts the cord from phones and PCs

12 Octubre 2017, 10:50 | Crisanna Felipe

GIF by Sean Buckley CNET

GIF by Sean Buckley  CNET

The biggest news to come out of Oculus Connect 4 is the unveiling of a brand new, standalone VR headset - the Oculus Go.

The company introduced its first standalone virtual reality headset, the Oculus Go, during its developers conference on Wednesday, pricing it at $199. Recent price reductions to the HTC Vive and upcoming tech like Microsoft's Windows Mixed Reality line of VR headsets could help the issue but all of these devices still require powerful "VR-ready" PCs to function properly.

It may turn out that Oculus Go supports some or all of Rift's full-bodied apps, but, right now, all it's confirmed to run are mobile VR experiences. Developers excited at the prospect of the standalone headset can rejoice, as Facebook announced at its Connect event that it could be in their hands "next year", and will make use of new positionally tracked controllers.

The other big feature, Home, promises a persistent virtual space that you can customize with digital toys, furniture, artwork, and more.

Santa Cruz doesn't require any wires or external sensors, a convenience that could go a long way towards boosting immersion and easing setup for potential users. The studio announced they would be partnering with Oculus to release a VR title in 2019, focused on war and the tension of combat.

In the future, Oculus plans to open up new possibilities for community and co-presence, letting users hang out, play, and explore with others. Additionally, we're still waiting to hear more on what components are powering the the Go, which will determine what kind of graphics and performance the Go can deliver. First teased a year ago, Oculus finished off the keynote with a quick update on that project, giving a glimpse at the Touch-inspired controllers in the works. It's a burgeoning market right now: a year ago, just about every VR headset required a connection to a powerful computer, or used a smartphone for its processing power. The visual experience could also be quite good because Oculus gets to integrate the screen. The company promises natural and unrestrained movement while the headset deliver PC-quality VR. I know people who own the PlayStation VR. This means the content that has been available on Gear VR can be accessed using the Oculus Go app.

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