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S Korean Activists Float Anti-North Korean Leaflets Denouncing Provocations

10 Octubre 2017, 09:28 | Crisanna Felipe

'War Thirsty' US President And His 'Gangster-Like Moves' Seeking Domination: North Korea

Hamyang Police Station on Oct. 7 2017 shows what appears to be an explosive device discovered at a public restroom of a rest stop on a highway leading to Daegu some 300 kilometers southeast of Seoul

Suspected North Korean hackers managed to break into the Defense Ministry's intranet in August and September previous year, but South Korean authorities have previously claimed that nothing significant leaked out.

Neither Rhee Cheol-hee, nor his office, were immediately available for a comment.

South Korea's military has acquired all technologies necessary to build the bombs at any time, Yonhap news agency reports.

He also praised Mr. Trump's response to North Korea saying that US action was necessary after years of diplomacy.

Consistent movements of personnel and equipment were being detected in certain locations in the North, Yonhap news agency reported, suggesting that preparations for another weapons test might be under way.

A team was dispatched last month to analyse suitable sites along the border for the US President's supposed "special activity" set to take place eerily close to the hermit kingdom.

In May the ministry said North Korea had hacked into Seoul's military intranet but did not say what had been leaked.

Earlier this year, USA and South Korean authorities also confirmed that North Korean hackers had, via a cyber-attack, stolen details of a highly confidential masterplan named 'OPLAN 5027' which contained details about future invasion of North Korea by US and South Korean armies.

According to him, the information he has received in the Ministry of defense of South Korea.

After North Korean leader Kim Jong-un threatened the U.S. with the "highest-level" action last month, President Donald Trump, warned that America would meet this with "fire and fury". "They're after our money", he told The Times.

The White House said in late September that Trump will travel to Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Hawaii from November 3-14, but hasn't yet released a detailed itinerary.

Meanwhile, South Korea has allegedly been working to boost its cyberdefence and is believed to have adopted high-tech options in responding to threats from rival North.

The bombs are part of the South's "Kill Chain" strategy developed for dealing with an increasingly aggressive Kim Jong-Un regime in the North.

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