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Weber warns of the return of the euro crisis — Catalonia

07 Octubre 2017, 04:25 | Gerardo Tarin

Market Snapshot – Trouble in Spain

Spanish lender Sabadell to transfer legal base to Alicante - El Pais

Sabadell, the Barcelona-based bank, said it will move its legal base out of Catalonia following threats by the region's leaders to declare independence.

Organizers of the rallies had asked people to not bring any flags, neither Spanish nor Catalan, and to wear white clothes.

Mr Puigdemont said he would seek a declaration of independence in the regional parliament anyway.

On another front, the government in Madrid pushed ahead with a measure to pressure Catalonia economically.

The goal is to "maintain the normal functioning of the company in order to protect its interests, those of its customers, employees, creditors and shareholders", the company said in a statement. The unemployment rate is tipped to remain at 4.4%. Spain steals from us?

According to the 2 million 44 thousand 38 people want a Catalonia independent from the voters, 2 million 286 thousand 217 voters.

Pacheco said he valued the country's laws and institutions. "Being Spanish doesn't mean being a fascist".

The focus has now shifted to Tuesday, when Catalan president Carles Puigdemont is set to address the regional parliament "to report on the current political situation" in Catalonia. "Sometimes staying silent is reckless, as is trying to give rational solutions to a problem that is emotional".

Of them, 90.18 percent favored a breakaway from Spain.

"I am Catalan and Spanish". "We are asking for politics and negotiations". Puigdemont said the results of the vote validated the push to secede.

On paper, Spain seems to have the upper hand. "They never thought they would have to see that again". The attacks did cut turnout in some areas, along with a boycott by opponents of breaking away from Madrid. The regional leader has pledged independence will be declared within days.

The Spanish government's official representative in Catalonia apologized on Friday for the violent response by Spanish police to protesters who were attempting to vote in a banned independence referendum in the region on Sunday. The market has reversed its move from the previous day for the past seven sessions.

"Everyone [who is against independence] is quiet because they are afraid". Spain cried foul and most governments backed it. "What's at stake are the people on the streets".

Spain's Interior Ministry said the departures Thursday had been previously scheduled, as contracts ended with some of the hotels hosting the police reinforcements. Instead, they left hundreds of voters in need of medical attention. The EU says Catalonia would have to apply to rejoin, a lengthy, uncertain process.

Spain has been struggling to find roadblocks to put in the way of the independence declaration by Catalan President Carles Puigdemont, but suspending a Monday session that was never even officially announced appears to have been useless. He has however blamed the Catalan government for holding the illegal vote in the first place. "I am not afraid - but I am very worried".

Catalonia's top two banks, Caixbank and Banco Sabadell, as well as energy giant Gas Natural, hurriedly transferred their headquarters to other parts of Spain this week.

The Mossos have already said that Trapero will say that the Catalan police strictly adhered to court orders and the state prosecutors in its actions regarding the referendum of October 1. "It's like if you rob a bank, you have to pay the consequences and go to prison".

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