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Trump budget chiefs says no bailout for Puerto Rico debt

07 Octubre 2017, 08:32 | Crisanna Felipe



"In our history as USA territories, all islands of the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico have never been devastated at the same time".

On Sept. 30, the CEO of PACIV, an worldwide engineering firm based in Puerto Rico, Jorge Rodriguez, warned the U.S. Congress about the Puerto Rican government's alleged inability to handle an influx of funds and aid.

Could there be a Puerto Rico government shutdown?

Until sometime between October 3 and October 5, one could find information on how many Puerto Ricans were without power and without access to clean water via FEMA's website. A FEMA application or hurricane damage insurance claim may also serve as proof. FEMA actually has the exact same responsibility to Puerto Rico as it would to IN or Houston.

" My grandparents, aunt, uncle and five cousins all live on the island", Cortes said. What Hurricane Irma did not destroy, Maria did. He did all right when responding to the emergencies in Texas and Florida, but Puerto Rico is different, apparently. We must help them in this crisis.

UC student Stephanie Rodgers is also affected, as she lives in Puerto Rico. Perkins said the southwest side of St. Croix, where most of her family lives, was particularly hard hit.

Critics said the removal of statistics citing how many Puerto Ricans were still struggling to cover their basic needs was an attempt by the Trump administration to cover up the slow pace of recovery - as of Wednesday just 5 percent of residents had electricity.

Earlier on, Mr. Trump told Fox News in an interview that his administration was looking for a way to help Puerto Rico wipe out its current deal. "Utica College staff are working to connect these groups to encourage a collaborative effort".

Here in New Mexico, we are lucky to be living in the mountains, where natural disasters are not as common as in other places.

The same person said that the United States knows that there is an urgent need for cash in Puerto Rico. I am incredibly proud to share that we are stepping up as a City to support them in their time of need. But we don't have no communication.

On Thursday morning the governor of Puerto Rico updated the media and the community on where things stand in terms of numbers. I look forward to seeing the attractive island of Puerto Rico become whole again.

"What a lot of people don't realize is that the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico are very interdependent on each other", she said. "We're making assessments and looking for ways to make this happen before the end of the year", he said.

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