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To keep Catalonia, Spain needs to learn from Canada — Globe editorial

07 Octubre 2017, 10:06 | Crisanna Felipe

Bloomberg’s Maria Tadeo reports on Spain’s suspension of a Catalan parliamentary

Bloomberg’s Maria Tadeo reports on Spain’s suspension of a Catalan parliamentary

Catalan regional authorities previously have ignored Constitutional Court orders, so it was not immediately clear if the session would go ahead and if all parties would attend.

Speaking to reporters, Forcadell called the suspension a "violation of freedom of speech".

She said the regions' parliamentary leaders will meet later on Friday to decide the timing on his speech.

If only Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy's government had a Canadian in the room. Flanders and the Flemish community is in the north of the country (where Dutch or Belgian Dutch - also known as Flemish) is spoken.

There is speculation that the parliament will declare independence unilaterally at its next sitting, based on the referendum. Then there is the mainly French-speaking south, known as Wallonia and just to complicate matters further, there is a German-speaking region in the far east of the country.

It said it wanted to operate "under the supervision of the European Central Bank and the regulations of the European Banking Authority", something that would be removed were Catalonia to declare independence.

Puigdemont said that he would deliver an address on the "current political state" on Tuesday, but failed to specify whether he would talk about plans for declaring independence. But the confrontation between voters and police was the result of decades of rising tensions.

Abertis builds, maintains and operates highways in Spain, France and the Americas.

National Grid expects power to be restored by 12:30 p.m., according to the outage map.

Meanwhile Catalonia's head of the Mossos d'Esquadra police force, Jose Luis Trapero, was questioned by a Madrid court on suspicion of sedition, a charge for which he could face up to 15 years in prison. This fact is not lost on the Catalan pro-independence politicians who are welcoming HRW presence in Barcelona.

"Every attempt the Spanish government has used to impede things to happen, they have been demonstrated completely not only useless but counter-productive", Mr Romeva said.

A weakening euro has supported the exporter-heavy German index, as well as the broader euro zone STOXX index, which enjoyed its sixth straight week of gains, holding near five-month highs.

A declaration of independence? .

He denied rumours that some members of the coalition were having doubts, after...

Is it safe to travel to Barcelona?

In what looks like the first apology from the central government, Enric Millo, the government's representative in Catalonia, extended an olive branch in a televised comment on Friday. Spain's 2008-2013 financial crisis and the harsh austerity measures that followed generated more support for secession.

Spain's government approved a decree Friday that would make it easier for Catalan companies to move base out of the region. Spanish police tried to block voters at the polls, using batons and rubber bullets.

Shares in Catalonia-headquartered Caixabank and Banco Sabadell fell 0.6 and 1.9% respectively following a strong rally in the previous session on news they were looking to move their bases out of Barcelona. The Spanish civil society was extremely active in supporting independentism movements around the globe. While Switzerland takes no position on the issues, it believes in "peaceful resolution through dialogue", the statement said.

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