Marcha 21, 2018

Positive Mood may Boost Effectiveness of Your flu Shot

06 Octubre 2017, 02:48 | Martinez Canez

Flu vaccine works better on some younger people–if you have the right genetics

Flu jab 'vital to prevent deaths and illness,' says Beat Flu campaign

As this new vaccine is targeted at part of the virus that is constant each year, the team that devised it explained to the BBC that it should therefore work against human, bird and swine flu.

Janet Garland, Public Health county nurse manager, said the goal is "community immunity".

Flu vaccines cause antibodies to develop in the body about two weeks after vaccination.

Who should get the shot? Apart from the physical and financial burden of being sick, children who contract the flu virus are unable to go to school while adults need to be absent from work. It's also extremely important for pregnant women to be vaccinated to protect their unborn children. This year also they are not recommending anyone get nasal vaccinations, only injectable vaccinations.

Although Americans have tended to downplay the risks of influenza, there's no doubt that we're talking about serious illness: The CDC estimates that each year since 2010, influenza has resulted in at least 9 million illnesses, with the number approaching 61 million some years. The illness peaks between December and February, and can last into May. With so many misconceptions and so many companies offering flu shots, pharmacies need to find ways to get people in the door and vaccinated. During the 2011 to 2012 flu season the CDC estimates a relatively low death toll of approximately 12,000 people. A nurse will be available during the senior flu clinics, too, to answer questions. "Our goal is for everyone to receive a free vaccine in less than 15 minutes", said Laura Kornegay, M.D., director, Central Shenandoah Health District.

Relatively new recommendations exist for people who are allergic to eggs. "Some people may experience mild side effects, such as a sore arm or low-grade fever, but the flu vaccine does not cause the flu". "Any time you do any immunization, it is your body's system building up and responding", she said. According to Schaffner, it is a good idea to get your flu shot this fall. The flu season starts in November, meaning there is only a short amount of time to prepare for its arrival.

"I don't get shots unless I absolutely need to, but I probably should considering I got it past year", she said. Regular flu shots cover three strains and are less expensive. So, just make sure to get the 100% protection from the flu in this flus season. It is expected to take hold in Britain this winter if measures are not taken to prevent it.

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