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Mass., other blue states are in crosshairs of GOP tax plan

02 Octubre 2017, 11:16 | Dolorita Barahona

Trump's Economic Adviser Killed The GOP Tax Plan With One Disastrous Interview

Trump unveils new tax reform plan

Successive rounds of federal tax cuts have eroded progressive taxation, according to research by the economists Thomas Piketty of the Paris School of Economics and Emmanuel Saez of the University of California at Berkeley. Pass-throughs, which include everything from small businesses to hedge funds, currently have their income taxed through the individual code, which has a top rate now of 39.6 percent.

In announcing his tax reform proposal last week in Indianapolis, President Donald Trump addressed the biggest political problem his plan will face - the suspicion that most of the benefits would favor wealthy Americans like Trump himself.

Corporations would see their top tax rate cut from 35 percent to 20 percent.

But Trump's tax plan actually has some major benefits for wealthy Americans. Trump refuses to release his tax forms. Baker said the most important thing in his mind is that Congress holds hearings and works across party lines on any tax reform bill.

Asked if he could guarantee that no middle-class family would get a tax increase, Cohn said, "There's an exception to every rule". Under the current worldwide system, US multinational corporations pay domestic tax on foreign earnings, which creates a competitive disadvantage for them. Statewide caps on property taxes enacted under Pence's predecessor as governor, Mitch Daniels, cut much more.

The current tax code, Trump said, "punishes companies" for conducting business in the United States, encouraging them to relocate overseas, where he said there is an estimated $3 trillion in us corporate wealth.

He also said there has to be a tax cut for "hard-working, middle-income Americans". And we all know how that turned out.

"Your characterization of "similar to Houdini" is just not fair", Mnuchin replied. They are the basis for the argument for "tax reform" deployed by the president of the United States, his treasury secretary, and his chief economic adviser. He's been very consistent on what his goals are.

That amounts to about $85 in savings a year for someone making $50,000 in taxable income, according to data from Purdue University economist Larry DeBoer, who has studied in tax policy for about 30 years. "His goals are to make business taxes competitive".

For example, taxpayers with incomes of about $150,000 to $215,000 would receive, on average, a $1,140 tax cut in 2018.

The president and his top officials are lying about the effects of this tax plan to the public. "So I separate the income tax system from the estate tax system".

Trump's outline also gets rid of the controversial estate tax, which puts a 40 percent tax on wealth passed on to family members after someone dies.

How much would Trump benefit from this plan?

"It's impossible to do what the tax center did", Mulvaney said.

The blueprint lacks critical details about the many tax breaks the White House and Republican congressional leaders want to eliminate to offset some of the trillions of dollars in revenue that would be lost through tax cuts.

At other moments, the OMB director echoed Mnuchin, cautioning that the plan wasn't finalized yet.

For other taxpayers, though, the benefits are far more modest or non-existent, the report finds.

When pushed on why Republicans are struggling to get Democrats to support the effort, Kennedy said: "I think we can, and we are".

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