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Trump's High-Profile Backers Chide Him Over Prospect of DACA Deal

17 Setiembre 2017, 05:27 | Crisanna Felipe

AIR 12 over PCC Rock Creek

AIR 12 over PCC Rock Creek

Trump tried to retake the narrative with an email to supporters saying "WE WILL BUILD A WALL (NOT A FENCE)". "And you know, running a big or a large or a massive border security deal - that doesn't address domestic enforcement and doesn't really tell us what the border security might be".

Mr. Castro, thanks so much for being with us.

Trump and Democrats in Congress indicated Thursday that they might be close to a deal to protect "Dreamers" if the legislation also includes increased border security. Trump, in a Thursday morning tweet, said "Does anybody really want to throw out good, educated and accomplished young people?"

Angelica Gasca is a U-S citizen, but attended Saturday's meeting on behalf of her undocumented friends in the DACA program, who fear ICE agents could be watching them. What wasn't in the deal was funding for a border wall. This lack of clarity has become emblematic of the way the Trump Administration navigates contentious issues, weaving sometimes contradictory narratives about the President's opinions and motives.

Although applying for DACA itself doesn't cost anything, there is a $495 fee to secure the temporary work authorization that is part of the application process.

While the president did stress that no deal has been made, my hope is that this orange mass of colostomy waste finds another bone to gnaw on and leaves DACA alone.

"If the report had been right, and it wasn't right, that he had reached an agreement with the Democrats, that would have undercut us".

"In another tweet a few minutes after the first one at about 10 p.m. Wednesday, King wrote, "@RealDonaldTrump Mr. President, I support your agenda, especially your no amnesty agenda.

Just as she stands stead fast out of the darkness, so will Dreamers: the people we know as our friends, neighbors and fellow Americans.

Prior to co-sponsoring the DREAM Act, Rep. Denham re-introduced H.R. 60, the Encourage New Legalized Immigrants to Start Training (ENLIST) Act, which is one of the most widely-supported bipartisan bills in the 115thCongress, with over 200 co-sponsors.

It would also place "responsible limits" on permanent residency for refugees and prioritize immigration for those who are "best positioned to succeed in the United States".

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