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Hillary Clinton Trolls US President Trump, Suggests He Read Children's Book

16 Setiembre 2017, 07:46 | Dolorita Barahona

Hillary Clinton Surprises Supporters Camping Out For Her New Memoir With PIZZA!

Hillary Clinton

She started explaining during her interview all the reasons why she thought she lost.

All Clinton would have had to do is look in the mirror for that answer.

Clinton, in an interview to National Public Radio ahead of the book release, said she would continue to raise voices for the people.

Hillary Clinton recently wrote a book.

I don't care if you voted or didn't vote. And, perhaps unfairly, I want Hillary - and her book, if she must write one - to be about more. In 2016, it meant handing a lit match to a pyromaniac, ' she writes. "She spent big money but, in the end, had no game!" he said, harking back to Clinton's one-time characterisation of his supporters as a "basket of deplorables". You are voting for an elector pledged to that person.

"Socialism has been most successful in this country when its ideas have been adopted by other parties", he said, listing the enactment of labor laws, Social Security and Medicare. Now she has put the blame on a new scapegoat: millions of bigoted white nationalists. We can sit here and analyze what happened 'til the cows come home, but what will that solve? Why should Clinton be treated any different? Everyone else in her field at her level seems to. What will that change?

Though she is reeling from her defeat during the elections, Clinton is one of many who has called for the abolishment of the system. She neglects to mention that the middle class showed up in November to remind her that they remembered her just fine.

"I get all that".

Here's where things get tricky.

Amazon has acknowledged removing hundreds of one-star reviews of Clinton's memoir, 'What Happened, ' claiming they have the right to uphold reviews from legitimate customers.

Facebook describes the ads placed by "inauthentic accounts" as "Russian interference in the electoral process". Subscribing to this theory means believing that Hillary Clinton was the victim of a perfect storm of unrelated events, that there is nothing to be learned from the election of a strongman who was part of an ethno-nationalist, revanchist tide that swept across the democracies of the Western world.

Leaving Clinton HQ at the Javits Center in New York City after 2 a.m. on Election Night, I was heartbroken, shaken, and terrified.

In the short term, I've argued, this development is a bad thing for Democrats. But even in all of that grief, she has seemed to learn something incredibly valuable: We have to give ourselves a break.

When Clinton does discuss what went wrong, it's mostly to point fingers.

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So to update some of you. "But we're still at a disadvantage". Yet, according to Priorities USA Action, "50 percent of Obama-Trump voters said their incomes are falling behind the cost of living, and another 31 percent said their incomes are merely keeping pace with the cost of living". It promises to remain alert to such shenanigans because "we believe in protecting the integrity of civic discourse".

I'm sure there are lessons in her book, though, however uncomfortable they are to hear.

Reviews of the book note that she takes some responsibility for her loss, including misunderstanding the electorate and underestimating Trump.

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