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Credit Freeze FAQs | Consumer Information

13 Setiembre 2017, 11:30 | Dolorita Barahona

Robot lawyer offering legal assistance to Equifax hack victims is UK bound

The Best Shield For Protecting Your Identity? Try Adopting 4 New Habits

In many jurisdictions, plaintiffs must prove that they suffered actual damage as the result of the Equifax hack, which exposed names, home addresses, Social Security numbers.

Equifax announced last week that it learned on July 29 that hackers had infiltrated its systems in mid-May, gaining access to a wide swath of personal information, in what cyber security experts believe is one of the largest data hacks ever disclosed. Equifax is now saying they will waive the minimal fees to freeze your credit, but that comes on the heels of their highly criticized offer to enroll you in their credit monitoring program.

Filer says you can also look into identity theft protection.

The company has said the executives were not informed of the breach before selling the securities.

In an Op-Ed published by USA Today, Equifax Chairman and CEO wrote about the company's decision to delay the announcement of the data breach for so long, suggesting that the company originally thought the data breach and its impact was "limited" in its scope.

People who are anxious about their credit information being compromised and potential identity theft have been urged to contact Equifax as well as rival rating agencies TransUnion and Experian to get their credit frozen, or at the very least, monitored.

So far, Equifax seems to be trying to downplay the seriousness of this issue - it has not said anything about the systemic risk this breach might have for the financial industry. Kilmartin also said his office is working in partnership with other attorneys general and federal agencies to share information on how consumers in different states are being affected in an effort to share that information with Rhode Island consumers.

Equifax has proven it can not protect individuals' key personal and financial information.

So, let's say Equifax just ignores all the small claims lawsuits DoNotPay inspires.

∙ Check ALL your financial accounts DAILY for suspicious activity and report it immediately to your financial institution.

One potential wrinkle is that banks and some other financial services firms are considering ditching Equifax for its rivals, the Wall Street Journal reports. Visit to get your free credit reports.

Monitor your credit card statements carefully (go online; don't wait for the paper statement). Promptly dispute any unauthorized charges. Fraud alerts may be effective at stopping someone from opening new credit accounts in your name, but they may not prevent the misuse of your existing accounts. What's relatively new is that the information it collects is stored on computers and that data can be accessed anonymously, secretly, and remotely.

Miller also warned Iowans to be aware of breach-related scams.

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