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What time does the American Horror Story season 7 premiere start?

06 Setiembre 2017, 07:06 | Gervasio Siguenza

Cher is rumoured to be a part of new American Horror Story cast

American Horror Story Cult Invites Viewers to Join the Creepy Clown Ranks

American Horror Story: Cult has Evan Peters traversing back over to the dark side and he's turning out to be the show's scariest villain in years. It's an interesting first scene to say the least, and the best of the episode.

There were only small glimpses of a "cult" in the first episode of Cult, "Election Night", as a more apropos title for the season after this first chapter could simply be "Fear", but the opening credits were filled with enough bees and hives to suggest a "dangerous shared ideology". It quickly establishes who's rattled by the news and who's downright petrified: mainly Sarah Paulson's character Ally Mayfair-Richards, who's anxious about what the new administration means for her family, which includes wife Ivy (Alison Pill) and their son. But when one of their viewing party guests (the scene is slightly reminiscent of the post-election Dave Chappelle SNL skit) point out anti-LGBT ideas from a president (or vice president) could have a real impact on the lives of Ally and her wife Ivy (Alison Pill), the terror these characters are telegraphing seems real and relatable. It's probably going to be a part of this show in one way or another as it progresses, given that you've got characters who are so divided here in the first place.

The seventh season - subtitled "Cult" - is among the most smartly written and addictive.

Kai, meanwhile, may seem more confident than Ally on the surface, but his actions reflect the insecurities and fears that are now driving many Trump supporters, like the moment when he picks a fight with Mexican workers, telling them, "You wetbacks aren't welcome here no more". Winter put her college education on hold to campaign for Hillary and is equally stunned by the election results - especially when her brother mocks her with his orange dusted face.

But the security camera, of course, will reveal only that Ally is in her head a little too much. Understandably, she drives right into a parking lot light. It turns out that it's all in her mind. Upon realizing that they are in the actual presence of the real Twisty, the guy takes out his gun and shoots the clown several times.

This causes a rift in her relationship with her wife Ivy, who also is her business partner in a restaurant aptly named The Butchery. "They have these large, artificial, painted-on expressions, which you know don't actually represent how that clown is feeling because nobody can be happy all the time". Perhaps relevant: the two were also at Ally and Ivy's house on election night, and got in a huge fight because one of them didn't make it to the polls in time to cast a vote. They're immediately furious at Winter for allowing Oz out, but when he's out of earshot, she tells them that his over-active imagination, supplemented by the Twisty comic, made up the gruesome killings. "Ivy, hey", she says. Trump's Twitter feed? Clowns?

Meanwhile, Kai has been keeping busy. Oh, and yet another clown is haunting her. He then hurls it like a water balloon at the group of men, who proceed to beat him up. According to their son, Winter accompanied him across the street to spy on what was happening in the residence: a gang of clowns killing the family. The police seem to back that up, curiously telling Ally and Ivy that the deaths are being investigated as a murder-suicide. As was already confirmed, Twisty the Clown has returned for the new installment.

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