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Gas Prices in DC Area Expected to Surge This Weekend

02 Setiembre 2017, 12:25 | Dolorita Barahona

More than a dozen oil refineries have been shut down in the United States accounting for a quarter of the country’s fuel outputEPA

More than a dozen oil refineries have been shut down in the United States accounting for a quarter of the country’s fuel output

The tapped-out gas station was an example of the Harvey's impact on the Chattanooga area - along with higher gas prices before Labor Day weekend.

That's because the EPA is allowing retailers to sell the winter blend of gasoline early.

He says there is plenty of gas in Houston and elsewhere, but there are logistical problems of making sure all of the stations are getting it. As of Friday, most pumps sat around 110 cents a litre for regular fuel in the Queen City. His advice for customers was to, "Have a sense of calm". In the coming week, the gas station frenzy is estimated to die down. It has mobile apps here, but to access gas availability via the mobile app, you'll need to go to the amenities tab, scroll over, and choose "has fuel".

In Miami alone, the average price of gas Friday was $2.54 compared to $2.32 a week ago, according to the American Automobile Association. Some of the cheapest gas in the area can be found at Costco Whole in Tampa, where prices are $2.17 per gallon, or the Sunoco on 49th Street South in St. Petersburg, where prices are $2.19 a gallon.

AAA noted that this will be a short-term spike and expects prices to drop by mid to late September, when refiners should be back online.

Prices jumped at least 10 cents a gallon in 24 hours in Texas, Ohio, Georgia and the Mid-Atlantic states, travel club AAA reported Friday. SC was the highest at 19 cents.

Motiva's Port Arthur refinery, the largest in the United States, shut down on Wednesday and will be closed for at least two weeks, Reuters reported.

On Friday, Illinois averaged $2.54 for regular, up from $2.36 August 1 and $2.33 a year ago. Sitton told WFAA that there is no fuel crisis in Dallas or Texas.

"We were just talking about how it's $2.15 here, then if you drive (toward town), they're just gouging the prices because of the hurricane", said Monette.

Historic flooding along the Gulf Coast has sparked fears of a gasoline shortage caused by refinery outages, port closures and pipeline shutdowns. She says if they don't get another delivery today, they will indeed run out of gas. "It's like a wagon train", Benda said.

Texas Railroad Commission Chairman Christi Craddick also took to Twitter Thursday to ask Texans to remain calm and not feed into rumors. "So everybody with a half a tank is filling up, creating lines, and draining tanks at gas stations".

The prices will ultimately depend on when refineries and pipelines are up and running again.

"There's going to be a lot of noise around Hurricane Harvey over the next few weeks, given the fact that it was obviously very disruptive", Joseph Bozoyan, a portfolio manager at Manulife Asset Management LLC in Boston, said by telephone.

During the gas crunch, it appears to be easier to get fuel for a plane than a vehicle.

"Supply is way, way off", Thornbrugh said Thursday.

Travelers heading west and north can expect to pay even higher prices. And since about 95 percent of the airport's buses and fleet vehicles operate on compressed natural gas, DFW will have no issues transporting passengers between terminals, parking lots and the rental auto center. That jump comes just ahead of the Labor Day holiday weekend, which typically sees heavy driving.

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