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56% Americans say Trump 'tearing the country apart'

02 Setiembre 2017, 06:25 | Dolorita Barahona

GOP discord might not bode well for raising debt ceiling

Trump and McConnell locked in a cold war

More than 55 percent of poll respondents said they "disapproved" of the job Trump is doing as president. The poll has a margin of error of +/- 3%.

That shift is not, as is often the case, tied to the economy.

West Virginia showed the highest support for tax reform - 77 percent.

Even among the population at large, opposition to the wall is firmly in the minority, with only 38 percent of total respondents saying building the wall "should not be done".

"President Trump and Congress have a rare opportunity to reform our outdated tax code in a way that grows the economy, not the national debt", said Michael Peterson, president and CEO of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation.

Thirty-six percent (36%) of Republicans think it would be good for the United States if McConnell stepped down as Senate majority leader, while only 17% believe it would be bad for the country. The last time conditions were rated this positively was August 2004. They also may deduct the interest on up to $100,000 in home-equity loans, unless they're subject to the Alternative Minimum Tax.

Republican proposals would give them advantages over small businesses.

Trump's phony tax claims go on and on.

The "how it works" part is most likely the first order of business.

"If President Trump's previous tax plans are any indication, the wealthy and big corporations will be the ultimate victor at the expense of the middle class", Mr. Neal said.

As Congress returns from a monthlong recess next week, the bill for Hurricane Harvey's damage will make it more fiscally irresponsible than ever for lawmakers to consider tax cuts that aren't paid for, said Bob Bixby of The Concord Coalition, a deficit-watchdog group.

Almost seven in 10 of voters in the 10 key battleground states won by President Donald Trump support tax reform, according to a poll on Axios.

He's most defined among those who backed Hillary Clinton as "bully" (83 percent describes well), "unstable" (78 percent), and "says what he thinks" (70 percent). What happens if Congress and the administration fail to enact pro-growth tax reform?

That money would largely come out of the pockets of higher-income taxpayers, since they disproportionately benefit from the mortgage break. Trump's rhetoric about white supremacists, especially in the wake of violence in Charlottesville, has been far more forgiving. There are already rules determining which corporate profits are considered domestic versus foreign, and, despite the arcane detail of these rules, they are already failing to prevent companies from shifting profits into offshore tax havens.

To stop him from succeeding, even if it means hurting America. Millions of working Americans will lose access to education and jobs. People were allowed to name more than one answer.

As a result, Trump argued that the high cost of doing business in the USA had contributed to the outsourcing of jobs overseas, and that lowering business taxes would help bring jobs back.

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