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This is how Trump's election victory influenced the 'Game Of Thrones' finale

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Game of Thrones

39;Game of Thrones'

Given the show's notoriety for unexpectedly killing important characters, the death toll of major characters this season was remarkably low.

The Game of Thrones season 7 finale was full of moments that could cause relationships to buckle under pressure. But that was the first time that Kit Harington had said those words on that platform in that scene.

"[Rhaegar and Lyanna] had a proper marriage that was based on love". Although, I must admit the finale pleased me to no end with Dany's fashionably late arrival and Cersei's terse reaction to it. That meeting was one I have wanted more than anything for a very long time.

Rebellions built on lies. He has the Stark direwolf on his letter and everything, but he still isn't a member of the house. In Live+Same Day ratings, the series is up over 20% in both total viewers and the key adults 18-49 demographic.

Nobody has them. Well, I think the people who build sets and make costumes and do all that wonderful clever stuff, they obviously have them because the plans are afoot.

Bran needs to make himself more useful.

The internet has a lot of opinions about Cersei's pregnancy. Relive the season with this behind-the-scenes look of each episode! It's no. It's just, it's not good but it should be but it's not.

"The voices were growing louder, she realised, and it seemed her heart was slowing, and even her breath. three treasons will you know. once for blood and once for gold and once for love".

The reason? 'I think the dragon came to early, ' he quipped. Here's why he thinks we should all #bemoreDavos.

Sorry to disappoint the Taenerys shippers, but director Jeremy Podeswa has weighed in to debunk that theory.

While you may not have a dragon to help you get out of trouble but you can definitely use your connections and business acumen to turn things around. Littlefinger proclaims in Season One that gold wins wars, not soldiers-a belief Cersei adopted from her father that Jaime apparently did not. To spend millions of dollars on an episode, and have it all go down the drain because Ajay Loves Champa, is quite disheartening.

The Kingslayer honors his knighthood.

Season seven of "Game of Thrones" began as spectacularly as season six ended, with Arya's (Maisie Williams) Frey-icide and Daenerys' (Emilia Clarke) arrival at Dragonstone.

"The consequences of Dany and Jon getting together are completely unknown", Podeswa explained.

Are you able to enjoy the show as a fan?

If you have a mortgage, it might make sense to do this with an offset savings account or revolving credit facility so that you have access to that saved money if it is needed but also have the benefit of reduced debt in the meantime.

Daenerys redefines fashionably late. I would expect her to try and join the army going north. Even if she goes into the final battle I do not expect her to die.

A Greyjoy and a Stark. I mean, that's going to be an interesting one. The Night's Watch will hopefully get to fall back to Winterfell and be a part of the defence there, and won't get picked off first. "For him, the union of Dany and Jon is a bit of a monkey wrench in terms of the plan for how they're going to move forward in a united front against the army of the dead".

If Jon and Dany can continue their new romantic relationship even after they learn about Jon's ancestry they could work together to rule. Plot points and reveals we would have usually had to wait until the end of the season to see, we got immediately in episodes 2 and 3.

Winter comes to King's Landing. The Great Hall, complete with an icy Iron Throne, appears to be mostly destroyed.

The good kind of theatricality is reserved for two revelations. One night they are staying alone in a cabin near the beach.

Is Jon ever going to tell people about the Valyrian steel? They didn't grow up in a family unit and were total strangers not so long ago.

Where is Meera? And does her father know about Rhaegar and Lyanna? Right now she has more allies than Cersei, the Queen who currently sits on the Iron Throne.

OK, serious Thrones fans might read that headline and think "What?"

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