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Detecting Eye Damage From The Solar Eclipse

23 Agosto 2017, 12:16 | Martinez Canez

Viewers enjoy the solar eclipse at Tsali Notch

Viewers enjoy the solar eclipse at Tsali Notch

The result could be permanent damage to your retina. In addition, if you are experiencing light sensitivity, that could also be a sign that your eyes have been affected.

Missy Guyer, office manager at Midwest Eye Consultants, said that while the office received a flood of phone calls Tuesday from people looking for eclipse-proof glasses, she hasn't talked with anyone anxious about eye damage.

Staring directly at an eclipse - or at the sun at any other time - can damage your vision.

If you are experiencing symptoms, you should see an eye doctor.

"Total solar eclipses mostly tell us about the structure of the solar corona and its influence on the solar wind and on the interplanetary magnetic field", said Edward Rhodes of the University of Southern California. This damage can be temporary or permanent and occurs with no pain. "It is a multitude of seconds, the prolonged exposure that you should be most anxious about".

He said you can test your vision by looking through one eye at a time.

Last-minute tips for protecting your eyes during the 2017 solar eclipse
This man went partially blind after starting at a solar eclipse

Area hospitals said they have not received any patients as of Tuesday afternoon complaining of eye damage after Monday's eclipse. But that was enough time to permanently damage his retina, leaving him with a sizable blind spot in the one eye-similar to looking at a person's face, but not being able to see their nose.

Photokeratitis, or ultraviolet keratitis, can also occur after looking at a solar eclipse without protection.

The silver lining is that if you have a solar retinopathy, you'll probably know very shortly after the eclipse, said Dr. Hossein Ameri, an ophthalmologist and a vitreoretinal surgeon at the USC Roski Eye Institute.

If you have those symptoms, the American Optometric Association suggests a call to your doctor. She added, "It is important to note there can be a delayed response to any damage incurred during an eclipse, with symptoms showing up hours later".

UH's Orge has seen retinopathy in adult patients before and said it is somewhat more common in those who use LSD because they are mesmerized by colors and stare at the sky.

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