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How to watch August solar eclipse in Arizona

13 Agosto 2017, 07:24 | Crisanna Felipe

The next total eclipse of the sun in Louisville

Here's where to watch the 2017 solar eclipse in the San Gabriel Valley

Most of Montana will see a partial solar eclipse, where sun obscuration will be greater than 80%, and more than 90% in parts of southern Montana. The moon will start casting its shadow on earth, blocking view of the sun, at about 1 p.m.

"Otherwise the total phase will depend on where you are and how close to the "center line" you are", Nelson said.

Warning: It is not safe to view the eclipse with the naked eye or with sunglasses!

Pierce said that eclipses are rare in any one particular area, and that makes them exciting events.

As the moon obscures the sun on August 21, it will create a twilight experience across the U.S. This moment of up to 2 minutes and 40 seconds of darkness-otherwise known as the "Great American Eclipse"-won't be visible in any other country, and the eclipse's path of totality will cross 14 states".

If you're staying in the Boston area, Schneider said the eclipse will feel like going outside when the sun is covered by very thin clouds - a definite dimming, but not almost as drastic as it will be within the path.

However, many people have fallen victim to phone eclipse glasses that won't actually protect your eyes.

Experts are warning people about counterfeit eclipse glasses.

Why is everyone so excited about it? The eclipse this year will last no more than three minutes in its totality.

A full solar eclipse in America means lots of things.

In addition to its rarity, its beauty and magnitude are unlike any other experience, Schneider said. "So you can't go by, "Well it didn't hurt, and if I don't have to squint it must be okay" - it's not okay". "It's impossible to describe".

Science Central's gift shop is selling solar eclipse viewing cards for $1.99 each to the public and for $1 each for Science Central members. The result is a spectacular "ring of fire" effect around the sun.

Baily's beads: As totality approaches, watch for Baily's beads around the rim. Birds and squirrels will return to their nests, and farm animals will return to their barns.

The best place to view the August 21 total solar eclipse will be in Hopkinsville and will last just over two minutes and 40 seconds. The last coast-to-coast eclipse was in 1918, and after this one, the next won't come until 2045.

In an email sent to buyers of the unverified glasses, Amazon told customers "We recommend that you DO NOT use this product to view the sun or the eclipse". It ends at 3:45pm when the moon moves completely out of the sun's way. "The intense solar rays coming through the devices will damage your eyes".

If you want to take photos of the eclipse, you will first need to learn about its path, the best viewing spots and the times where it will be the most complete.

When is the next solar eclipse?

Twice a year, the moon's orbit crosses that sun-Earth plane, which astronomers call the ecliptic, but that doesn't usually coincide with the new moon. It's wider path than the upcoming eclipse will also clip far western Kentucky with totality.

But every so often, there's a narrow window when the Earth, sun and moon align. It actually slows down to 1,462 miles per hour when it reaches Kentucky because the moon's shadow hits the earth more directly there.

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