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Fresh Game of Thrones trailer teases a major revelation

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Villordsutch reviews Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 - "The Spoils of War"...

Episode 4 was simply wonderful, as it brought us the first massive dragon fight of the season.

Littlefinger, aka #petyr baelish, gave Bran a very specific Valyrian steel blade.

But in the fourth episode of series seven of the HBO drama, Arya finally returned to Winterfell in The Spoils of War.

When Sansa is finally reunited with Arya in the Stark crypts, Arya mentions that she has a kill list.

While this was a huge success, could we see an arc where Dany now believes that her opinions are true, and ignore the council of her Hand and others? And, of course, the dagger that now belongs to Arya. The Dragon Queen clearly needs a win, and the sight of her riding Drogon is both utterly mesmerizing, exhilarating, and genuinely bad for her enemies. The battle between the two women is amazingly swift and professional, with Arya channelling Syrio Forel as she dances around Brienne.

Outside, Arya is at the gates of Winterfell, and eventually convinces a pair of bozo guards that she is indeed a Stark. Two strong female characters, so different but who have both developed a similar skill, is mesmerizing.

When Daenerys Targaryen unleashed her dragon and Dothraki horde on Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones, she changed the game forever. The problem is that Dany and her council aren't convinced that the legend of the White Walkers is real.

Leaving the cave, news is delivered to both King and Queen that isn't well received. It's one thing to hear about the dragons but it's another to see them up close coming for the kill.

Concepcion agreed that, though she took out a large number of people this time, it was more acceptable in war.

While everyone else in Westeros is off riding dragons, warg-ing or calling a specific family member "a f*cking idiot", Sansa is up in Winterfell TRYING to get some grain figures in order (remember guys, winter IS here). If you're the one who took the first blow, then you better pray you have more left in reserve or that's your life. Bronn losing his gold in the fight seemed particularly tragic, the evisceration of all his dreams-at that moment, Cersei was not likely to win the war and Bronn was not likely to inherit a castle-yet the complexity of watching him grin as he tried to blast Drogon with that stupid weapon was confusing.

We last see Jaime plunging into the water - having been saved from a roasting by the dragon's flames thanks to Bronn.

Most viewers think that Jaime will survive - dragged ashore by right-hand man Bronn (who we love purely because he sniggered at Dickon's name). The Battle of the Reach is carnage.

In a stroke of luck, Jaime's right-hand man, Bronn, was able to spear Drogon in the shoulder with the massive bow-and-arrow contraption, forcing him to land and putting Daenerys in danger. He's got Targaryen blood in him, which means dragon fire can't touch him - it also means the dragons might not even want to attack him.

Fifty minutes. Fifty minutes of quite fantastic television. Bronn's hearing tips of the danger, which harks back to Hardhome, even though the threat here is the exact opposite.

I've got to admit, the climax of this episode took me by surprise. Dany says she'll fight with Jon and for the North, just as soon as Jon bends the knee.

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