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'Meat-eating' sea lice blamed as paddle leaves Melbourne teen bloodied

07 Agosto 2017, 07:28 | Gervasio Siguenza

Melbourne teen devoured by mystery sea creatures after going for a quick dip after footie

Still bleeding Sam Kanizay's wounds were still seeping blood on Sunday afternoon while doctors tried to work out what

Sixteen-year-old Sam Kanizay was reportedly soaking his legs at the Dendy Street Beach in the Brighton area of Melbourne after playing soccer, but when he came out of the water his feet and legs were covered in blood. Upon returning home, his parents promptly took him to the hospital.

A teenager was left with blood all over his legs after mystery flesh-eating bugs started gnawing away at his ankles.

The latest to capture public attention - especially among people fascinated by Australia's long list of deadly animals - are the mysterious sea creatures that chewed and bloodied the legs of Sam Kanizay.

A spine-tingling video of the experiment shows sea lice devouring the meat. Kanizay was then driven to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Stevens and teammate Sam Gilbert were on their way to do some recovery following Sunday's big win over West Coast when they received the email.

Doctors could not explain what had caused the teen's gruesome injuries which left his feet looking like they had been through a "mincer", so his father Jarrod chose to investigate.

"We found thousands of little mite-type creatures in our net", Jarrod Kanizay said.

Some of those who have submerged their feet in the water have walked out with their legs covered in blood.

"We called experts and other hospitals across Melbourne, but there was no real evidence of what it was", Kanizay said.

After being submerged in the water for about 30 minutes, the Australian teen's legs went numb.

One nurse advised the bites could be from sea lice, but it was no more than a "guess".

"They have chemo-receptors, so they can detect chemicals in the water and the chemicals given off by decaying meat or fish, so they're attracted to that smell".

The leading theory was that Kanizay probably came in contact with sea lice, which are usually parasites of fish. He placed a net full of raw meat in the ocean and was stunned to see hundreds of tiny creatures swarming around the portion.

Jarrod posted a video of what he says are the culprits - sea lice.

Kanizay was still hospitalized on Monday, but had been taken off antibiotics. "Since the story broke, there have been some people who have had minor bleeding and, therefore, they would go to just their local doctor". When they bite humans, they usually leave little red dots that can look like a rash.

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