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Macron Makes the Most of his Parliamentary Majority — France

04 Agosto 2017, 01:59 | Benedicto Grullon

Advisers stated that Britain was the “most important and the most active country in the field of defence”CHESNOT GETTY IMAGES

Advisers stated that Britain was the “most important and the most active country in the field of defence”

To begin with, Macron's support was always softer than many appreciated.

This divergence is hard to square with the fact that the economic data since May has been overwhelmingly positive, with economic activity at multi year highs with unemployment back at pre crisis levels of 9.2%, with this morning's manufacturing PMI's expected to reinforce recent momentum.

49% already disapprove of him, a 13-point increase.

Macron has identified making France's labor laws more flexible as a key step to making the French economy more competitive.

Should Macron succeed in meeting his green power campaign pledges, Engie may may raise its goal of doubling French onshore wind capacity to 3 gigawatts, Huet said. Rome was not invited despite having colonial links to the country and being one of the main destinations for migrants crossing the Mediterranean.

YouGov questioned 1,003 respondents on July 26-27.

Sarkozy's swift military air intervention in Benghazi had saved the city from a potential major massacre by Gaddafi's substantial military force that reached the western gates of the city.

While France is famed for its tourist sites and generous vacation benefits, an estimated one-third of French children stay home in the summer for lack of other options.

In a frenetic first two and a half months in office, Macron has hosted both US President Donald Trump and Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

In June, newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron's political party La Republique En Marche! The lower house, the National Assembly, gave its approval a day earlier.

Spanish football league officials blocked Neymar's move to PSG - and now the French are threatening legal action.

The stolen material was initially dumped on the internet by unknown hackers in May, just 48 hours before the run-off between Macron and far-right leader Marine Le Pen.

The payment for a single player shattered the world record for soccer transfers, dwarfing the 105 million euros (then $116 million) that Manchester United shelled out last year for midfielder Paul Pogba.

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