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Where to Watch the Total Solar Eclipse

02 Agosto 2017, 04:01 | Benedicto Grullon

The Aug. 21 solar eclipse is a big one for scientists because of its convenience

The Aug. 21 solar eclipse is a big one for scientists because of its convenience

The only option for direct viewing: special eclipse shades.

The last time a total eclipse was seen in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia was March 7 1970. And Chou is anxious about first-timers and other folks who might look up at the spectacle without much forethought.

The Aug. 21 solar eclipse, when passage of the moon completely blocks out the sun, will be seen first in OR and cut diagonally across 14 states to SC. The National Solar Observatory with support from the National Science Foundation is funding the cost of equipment for Southeast students and faculty to use to collect data while in Perryville during the eclipse. If not viewed properly, the sun can blind you or burn your retinas. Mercurians could see no eclipses or transits, since it has no moon and there is no planet closer to the Sun.

Stay up-to-date with the latest news, stories and insider events. If you're only taking a picture during totality, however, there's no need for a filter. Please check your email for a welcome confirmation. The umbra is when total blockage of light occurs, while the penumbra is when only a portion of the moon blocks the sun's light.

The younger the viewer, the greater the risk of eye damage.

Which might be a better option if you value your vision. But about half the time, it's permanent, says Chou.

So while our eclipse experience on Earth today is virtually unrivaled anywhere in the Solar System, it is simply a temporary coincidence. While doctors report cases in the scientific literature, no one is systematically collecting this information.

The real things may not be that easy to find.

The next time a total eclipse will be seen in SC will be March 30 2052. So far, they've sold about 65 million. The path carves through largely rural areas, where cellphone service can be spotty at best, though, so it may not be possible to quickly post to Facebook, Instagram and the like even though carriers plan to temporarily boost capacity in some places. "Extending the observation period and coming allow for high altitude, we can see some very events or the next waves will outline the observations being essentially invisible in just two minutes".

Northeast Kansas is one of the prime locations for viewing the Total Solar Eclipse. Such an event is visible from somewhere on Earth every 18 months or so.

If you are still looking for glasses, They can be found all around Casper however we found Jessen Eye Care is giving them away for free. NASA recommends buying ones that have the label ISO 12312-2. "They'll be curious, they'll have questions, and we'll be able to help them understand what they are seeing".

Never look directly at the sun.

It is not safe to look at the uneclipsed or partially eclipsed sun through regular sunglasses, unfiltered telescopes or magnifiers or cameras, polarizing filters, CDs/DVDs or space blankets. You can expect to see these counterfeit products show up in internet ads and in spam emails. And they will all need eye protection. Experts suggest that one widely available filter for safe solar viewing is number 14 welder's glass.

During a partial eclipse, the sun basically looks like a bite has been taken out of it, much like yours truly biting into a cinnamon raisin bagel lathered in cream cheese.

Drinks, chili dogs and DIY pinhole projector-making?

"I was a geek".

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