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Healthcare Legislation: Trump Asks Republican Senators Not To Leave Town

24 Julio 2017, 02:11 | Martinez Canez

Both parties share responsibility for nation's health-care mess

The three who went against the grain

Trump's sudden re-resolve to get "Obamacare" repeal-and-replace passed came after he's been on all sides of the issue in a whiplash-inducing series of remarks over recent days and weeks, supporting repeal and replace, straight repeal, and finally doing nothing so "we'll just let Obamacare fail", as he declared on Tuesday.

HEIDI HEITKAMP: Those governors have to administer these programs.

That still might not be enough.

How much of this is Trump's fault is anybody's guess. He says the first vote will be on the bill that only repeals most of Obamacare, but that could change if the White House can wrangle a deal before then. And this was supposed to be the easy one.

Although I can respect conservatives such as Rand Paul, R-Ky., who considered the Senate proposal "Obamacare Lite" and a betrayal of Republican principles by "bailing out" insurance companies, I don't have the same respect for Republican "moderates" who have apparently come to like Obamacare's federal goodies.

Others blamed the chamber's tight partisan arithmetic, plus special rules Republicans used to prevent Democratic procedural tactics that could have killed the bill but also limited how sweeping the measure could be. Yet despite full control of Washington, they couldn't get it done. Ted Cruz, R-Texas.

"I think they want to talk to you", a smiling Sen. "They MUST keep their promise to America!" he tweeted.

Last week, he traveled to Paris to participate in Bastille Day festivities with French President Emmanuel Macron.

In the House, GOP lawmakers could only sit back and wait.

Democrats and their leftist supporters organized protests and scored unanswered media points one after the other while Republicans were virtually silent, offered no counter attacks, and put up little defense of their own bill. If they fail, it's not Trump who will be blamed by voters. "You're going to be".

The public would disagree. The only plausible reason they've switched now is that they knew the bill would be safely relegated to oblivion by a presidential veto from Barack Obama, whereas Trump will now sign any legislation into law.

The AP-NORC poll suggests the debate over Republican plans actually may have nudged the nation toward the left on health care. The dollar slid to a 14-month low against the euro. Denouncing the White House and congressional Republicans for "continuing to deny the insurance markets the certainty they need", he said the GOP could "start today working with the stabilize the markets..." It would also sharply raise premiums and deductibles from the already outrageously high Obamacare levels and give the wealthy hundreds of billions in tax cuts.

Some 22 million more people would be uninsured by 2026 under the revised bill than under Obamacare, roughly the same as the original, the CBO found. Thirty-seven percent said health care for all is not a federal responsibility, down from 47 percent in March. Before the meeting with Mr. Trump, the plan was to vote on what appears to be the ORRA. Vice President Mike Pence was expected to cast the tiebreaking vote in favor of the new Republican plan in the case of a tie in the Senate vote.

While Senators are still weighing their options, we asked the Trump Administration whether or not they expect to punish any Senators who go against the Republican Health Care Plan.

McConnell's latest bill would cut Medicaid, letting insurers sell policies with negligible coverage and rolling back Obama taxes on the health care industry. It is exclusively up to the 52 Republican Senators!

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is developing a comprehensive messaging strategy, recruiting surrogates and interest groups to support the legislation even before the details are final.

DETROW: President Trump hasn't been committed to one approach.

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