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Ruth Davidson: Government should 'look again' at Brexit

20 Junio 2017, 02:09 | Crisanna Felipe

While the nationalists remain well ahead in the polls, it is unlikely the party will be able to match its landslide success at the 2015 general election, when it won 56 of Scotland's 59 available Westminster seats.

The Liberal Democrats also enjoyed success in East Dunbartonshire, where former United Kingdom government minister Jo Mr Salmond said: "The Scottish National Party have lost many fine parliamentarians this evening, and that is a grievous blow to the SNP".

The Scottish National party is facing a possible huge electoral setback, with broadcasters' exit polling suggesting it has lost about 20 of its 54 seats in Scotland. Many moved towards the party best placed to defeat the SNP; and mainly that was the Conservatives.

The SNP lost 12 seats to the Conservatives, six to Labour and three to the Liberal Democrats as the Tory share of the vote soared in Scotland.

Scottish Conservative Party leader Ruth Davidson, euphoric about her party's gains in Scotland, said that IndyRef2, the colloquial name for a second referendum, was dead in the water.

It is likely that Jeremy Corbyn's unashamedly social democratic manifesto was a major draw for these voters, and some of them may have voted for Labour at the expense of the SNP.

So the Conservatives swept up seats in the Borders and the North East and went from one MP to 13.

Labour gained a number of seats back from the nationalists with the party making a return to winning ways in Scotland's largest city as they took Glasgow North East from Anne McLaughlin.

"I'm a natural pessimist, and we'll see whether I'm an optimist in the morning", he said.

"I'm very confident that the SNP will win the election in Scotland", Mr Swinney said.

The future of Theresa May and a second Scottish independence referendum dominate the Scottish front pages, in the wake of the dramatic election result.

Former Tory leader Lord Hague said "very serious lessons" had to be learned by the party but warned against a leadership contest.

"We've hit peak SNP and we've certainly hit peak Nicola Sturgeon". I never quite understood Theresa May's logic that she needed a "strong and stable" mandate from the British people to negotiate a good deal with the rest of Europe.

"The reckless Tory pursuit of a "hard Brexit" must now be abandoned", the Scottish National Party leader told a press conference.

In Britain's constantly shifting political landscape, she has reached Scottish voters by sticking to a message they not only understand but care about, as well as being more ordinary than the elite associated with her party 400 miles (644 km) down south in London.

The forecast is much better than expected for the opposition Labour Party, which had been expected to lose seats. What's more, they took umbrage at her knee-jerk demand for another referendum. Sturgeon didn't see this coming until too late, when she launched a personal attack on Kezia Dugdale.

With Mrs May seeking to form a government with help from the DUP, Ms Davidson added: "The Prime Minister has made it clear it is her duty to get on with the job in hand and I support all efforts to do so".

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